Top 11 Tatted Out Oscar Nominees And Winners

By Fawnia Soo Hoo

Let's play a game: What do Oscar-winning Dame Helen Mirren and "Best Ink 2" host Pete Wentz have in common? They both have tattoos! In honor of this Sunday's Academy Awards ceremony, here is a countdown of the Top 11 Tatted Out Oscar nominated or winning thespians. (And yes, there's some Ryan Gosling in there.)

11. Penelope Cruz

The thrice nominated (and one time winning) Spanish actress has three small tattoos. There's the numerology-referential "883" on her ankle (she won't say exactly what it symbolizes), a teeny circular tribal design on her wrist and a small crucifix on the top of her right hand. Classy and mysterious.

10. Reese Witherspoon

This A-list actress and America's sweetheart is a newbie to the tattoo game, but better late than never, right? While on a beachy vacation, she unveiled a birds and star design inked onto her left hip. Wonder what Elle Woods would say about this.

9. Ben Affleck

Speaking of tattoos in spots favored by sorority girls—Academy Award winner and recently-snubbed Best Director nominee Ben Affleck has a dolphin-shaped tat on his right hip. He usually keeps it under wraps, but it crept out during an outing with his kids in 2011. Apparently, the Sea World-inspired shape was to cover up an original tat of a high school ex-girlfriend's name. Too bad her name wasn't Jennifer, too.

8. Julia Roberts

Of course, the Tramp Stamp (the oft-regretted emblem inked onto many a woman now in her mid 30s and 40s) was bound to make an appearance on this list and on Oscar winner Julia Roberts no less. Well, at least it's her kids' names. That's sweet, right?

7. Brad Pitt

Now, apparently four-time Oscar nominee Brad Pitt has seven tattoos, but they rarely make a public appearance. Not a shocker considering that his life partner is tattoo-addict Angelina Jolie, so we guess she's the only one who gets to really enjoy the two-time Sexiest Man Alive winner's ink. Rumor has it that the two of them will get matching wedding tattoos when they finally say "I Do."

6. Angelina Jolie

This Academy Award winner just does not stop with the tats, but then we're glad she's moved on from making out with her brother on the red carpet and wearing a vial blood around her neck. The recent count of body ink racks up 13 tattoos, from "Know Your Rights" at the top of her back to geographical coordinates of where all her kids were born on her lower back. 

5. Charlize Theron

For such a bad ass, smokin' hot and super talented (she's been nominated twice and won once for "Monster") actress, Charlize Theron went with such dainty, feminine tattoos. But they're on her feet and since she's always wearing such fabulous footwear on the red carpet, we always get to see her art.

4. Johnny Depp

Three-time nominee Johnny Depp makes our top five for having the best tattoo do-over ever. Remember when he inked himself with "Winona Forever" on his arm when he was engaged to Ms. Ryder back in the early 90s? Of course they broke up, so he made a slight adjustment with the text to "Wino Forever." (Beats a marine mammal, right?) Now he's up to about 13 tattoos; Angie, he's coming for you!

3. Jamie Foxx

Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx has some major barbed wire art all over his back and arms, but it's that mid-life crisis art that puts him one ahead of Johnny Depp. In celebration of the big 4-0, Foxx inked the back of his head. Better that than the front, right?

2. Ryan Gosling

Okay, so we put one-time nominee (and more to come, we're sure) Ryan Gosling near the top just because he's Ryan Gosling. Hey girl, don't hate, okay? Apparently, he did the tattoo himself with a DIY kit (kinda like prison?), so a "monster dropping a bloody heart" turned out more like a cactus. He's also sporting a tattoo on his face in an upcoming movie, although women all over the world will breathe a sigh of relief to know that it's fake.

1. Helen Mirren

This is hands-down the best ink ever. Super classy and refined Dame Helen Mirren—who counts four nominations and one win—got this interesting symbol during a drunk tattoo session in her rebellious younger years. She says she regrets it now, but only because tattoos are so "mainstream" now. SNAP! Wonder if she'll watch "Best Ink 2" then.

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