Danny's Exit Interview: No More Tattoo Competitions!

Danny had an illustrious -- sometimes tumultuous! -- time on Best Ink 3. At one point the young contestant almost walked off the set from all the stress! Ultimately though, he held on for seven episodes. He was eventually eliminated  for his biomechanical tattoo, but reflecting upon it all...he's done with tattoo competitions. Scroll down for Danny's full exit interview!

What have you been up to since filming Best Ink?

 Since the show ended, I've been just working every single day, staying focused on my tattoos harder than ever before, and trying to take my work to the next level. 

Did you agree with the judges’ decision to keep the others in the Bottom 3, and to send you home?

I would have liked to stay but it's all up to what they like! 

Describe the challenges of completing your biomechanical tattoo.

Well my client got changed last second, but besides that I actually had fun with the tattoo. I love doing black and grey. 

If you could go back and do the tattoo differently, would you?  

Yeah but that's cause I've time to think about it. We had a short time to plan.

What did you take away from your experience on Best Ink?

 To avoid tattoo competitions. To focus and stay quiet. To only worry about my tattoos. 

What’s in your tattooing future? 

I'm just gonna work my hardest and try and create the best art. I'll be traveling a lot so keep a look out for guest spots and conventions on my Instagram and Twitter!

Watch Danny's video exit interview! 

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