Danny's Personal Tattoos: From 'Hustle Hard' to a Zombie Pope

By Matt Muro

It's not surprising that someone with a "Hustle Hard" tattoo on the side of his head had already committed to his art when he was still a minor. "I got this tattoo to remind myself daily to work as hard as I could and to give everything 100 percent," explains Best Ink 3 contestant Danny Lepore. "I wanted to commit fully to my tattooing career, so writing such a bold statement on my head would force me work harder than I ever had before."
The other side of Danny's head, depicting a woman's face and a rose, is done by Eric Marcinizyn. "Although it took almost 10 hour and hurt like a bitch, it's my favorite tattoo and was worth every second," says Danny. 
In addition to his head, Danny has a full sleeve to chest piece that was done by one of his role models, Carl Grace, whom he gave full creative freedom. "When you give artists full freedom in the design it always comes out better," explains Danny. "I couldn't be happier with the art."
Check out all of Danny's tattoos in the gallery above and watch him talk about his career below. Best Ink 3 premiere's Wednesday at 10/9c. 


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