Lara's Exit Interview: "I Live to Piss You Off"

By Oxygen


Lara had a bit of a rocky time on Best Ink. Though she created some very lush, beautiful pieces, she always seeemed to fall somewhere in the middle, not really winning or losing in the competition. By Episode 10, the Mandala-phile had rubbed her fellow contestants the wrong way so much that they conspired to get her eliminated...and succeeded.

In her video exit interview, Lara explains how she feels about her elimination: happy as hell to leave, but she would have relished the opportunity to annoy the boys a little more. "I live to piss you off," she says. (Though, if you watch another bonus video from the elimination powwow, she's not always the hardass! Just sayin'!) Watch Lara's exit interview below, and tune in next week for Episode 11 of Best Ink!




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