May May's Personal Ink Dedicated to Her Mom and Son

By Oxygen

The upper part of May May Yaeger's sleeve, which she drew herself, is dedicated to her mom. "It features her '69 Super Beetle and West Cliff Beach in Santa Cruz, where I grew up," says May May. "The top has her favorite saying 'bebop and jubilate,' which basically means run amok and have a good time." Santa Cruz? Beetles? Running amok? Could this tattoo get any hippier? Answer: Yes! "She also wanted to be reincarnated as a dolphin so I drew one jumping through the waves, happy and free." 
In addition to May May's arm sleeve, she has her son's name and birth date tattooed on her right hand. "Every time I put on my gloves I remember why I work so hard -- for him," she explains. The tattoo around her collar bone says "Vita Brevis ars Lunga," which is Latin for "Life is Short, Art is Long." May May also sports a Japanese sleeve on her right leg and collects pieces from artists she loves on her left leg.
But not all of May May's tattoos are serious in nature or super meaningful. Her neck features tattoos of My Little Pony and a rainbow squirrel. They're "just for me, fun and silly," she says. 
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