Tattoo Tuesday: Pete Wentz Explains His Keyhole Tat

By Pete Wentz

Each Tuesday, Best Ink host Pete Wentz will send in a dispatch about a tattoo that he discovers from the road. What better way to kick this franchise off with a tattoo of his own?

Right before my life with Fall Out Boy hit fast forward for the first time I couldn't fly. I went into a crazy depression and had anxiety all of the time. Our band had just gotten on MTV's TRL, and I literally was starting to feel agoraphobic. I hated airports, elevators, and being around people in public gave me anxiety. Slowly I got past all of those fears and anxieties - the keyhole tattoo I got as a reminder that some things are just mine, some of me does not belong to the rest of the world.

Tune into the premiere of Best Ink 3 Wednesday at 10/9c!

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