#Wentzday Q&A: "Wait Later Than Age 18 to Get a Tattoo!"

By Oxygen

For this very important #Wentzday, We talked to Fall Out Boy bassist and Best Ink host Pete Wentz all about his tattoos, his hosting technique, and Season 3 of Best Ink, premiering tonight at 10/9c! He also has some advice for anyone thinking of getting tattoos....but...he didn't exactly follow the advice himself. Scroll down for the full interview!

How many tattoos do you have now?

I honestly don’t know! There’s a bunch of them. There are over 30, but a lot of them combine.

Would you ever consider having a Best Ink contestant tattoo you?

I would have let either Teresa or DJ tattoo me at the end of the day but, probably not on camera.  I’m not a screamer or a crier, but I don’t like to sit for long periods of time. I like to take breaks -- but actually that makes it worse. I’d probably just make weird faces.

How do you think this season differs from previous seasons, specifically, what’s better about this season?

I feel like last season, we really got into a good rhythm as far as me and the judges, and knowing what everyone’s role is. One of the differences is that we opened the season that way this time. We were able to do a lot more stunts, and we were able to include some of my own ideas in that. I think that the caliber of talent is really up there because people were more aware of the show who tried out.

Has your relationship and understanding of tattoos changed at all since you started hosting the show.

I definitely have a better understanding. Before, I could have told you you what a really bad tattoo was, and a really good tattoo was – it’s the stuff in the middle that’s a little harder to scale. I think by hanging out with Joe and Hannah, I understand more about line weights and shading and color saturation, things that are really specific to tattoo culture and the underground side of tattooing. I think my knowledge on tattooing is a little bit stronger now. At the same time, my role on the show is more of a layperson. I have the viewer’s perspective.

So, you’ve got a kid – what will be your tattoo policy when he starts asking for a tattoo?

Well, I definitely think that people should wait later than age 18 to get a tattoo. Not just for legal reasons, but you shouldn’t be making too many decisions that affect the rest of your life at age 18…but of course I got a tattoo at that age! It’s not something I have to think about currently, we’re at his 5th birthday and he’s into superheroes and stuff. Plus, I think there’s the potential that he’ll rebel against what his parents think are cool: it’s possible he won’t be into tattoos! He might be into math!

Do you find that Fallout Boy fans are also fans of Best Ink?

I think so! A lot of Fallout Boy fans are into tattoos and tattoo culture, and they think the judges are cool. Fallout Boy fans are pretty fanatical, so they’ll track us down and see what the band is up to. There’s an interesting crossover. Fans definitely hit me up on the internet about it!

So, do you feel like you’ve got a rock persona and a TV persona now?  

Well, the reason it seemed like [Best Ink] was a great idea was that I could be my authentic self. When I’m on stage for Fallout Boy, it’s who I am. I mean, it me up on steroids, but I’m not playing a character or anything. The great thing about doing Best Ink is that I was already into tattoos, and I’ve been able to give my honest observations and opinions and stay true to who I am. At the same time, hosting a show on TV it’s a vastly different thing than being onstage at a concert. They require different parts of your brain and different energy…like remembering lines and peoples’ names. 

Watch Pete flex his hosting chops in this Sneak Peek for tonight's episode!

Tune into the Season 3 premiere tonight at 10/9c!

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