6 Interview Clips You Need To Watch To Prep For The New Jeffrey Dahmer Series

Get the backstory on the cannibal killer before you tune into the new "Dahmer on Dahmer: A Serial Killer Speaks" series. 

To prep for the November 11 season premiere of "Dahmer on Dahmer: A Serial Killer Speaks" on Oxygen at 7 pm EST, these interviews are a must.

Jeffrey Dahmner was a serial killer who killed 17 men between 1978 and 1991. Nicknamed the "Cannibal Killer," he is probably most infamous for eating parts of some of his victims. Dahmer on Dahmer” will offer a whole new look at Dahmer's life through the eyes of the woman who became his closest confidant, investigative journalist Nancy Glass. She developed a relationship with the serial killer through her interviews and visits.

The show will feature new interviews from pivotal figures in Dahmer's case, but here are 6 interviews you need to watch in the meantime:

1. Candid Interview with Dahmer

In an interview with an Inside Edition reporter, Dahmer explains his crimes in a matter-of-fact manner and how he lost control of his impulses. With dispassion, he admits feeling evil and perverted at times. In the interview, the serial killer discloses that he didn’t wear glasses to his murder trial to make it harder for him to focus on reality. Dahmer said it was a way to disassociate from the painful truth of the courtroom.

He also expresses remorse in the candid interview. “I was extremely selfish, I was only thinking of myself, my own pleasure, my own perverted desires,” he says. 

But that didn’t mean he lost interest in killing. That drive was still there. He explained, “I wish I could say it just left completely, but no, there are times where I still do have the old compulsions.”  

2. Interview with a Homicide Detective

After watching the sometimes-charming Dahmer speak about his impulses, you should probably see this:


It’s an interview with a homicide detective from the case. He goes into detail about what he discovered in Dahmer’s fridge. Spoiler: It was a human head.

3. Interview with Dahmer's Parents

Dahmer’s father admits in the above interview with an NBC journalist that he wouldn’t have accepted his son if he was honest with sexuality. He said his son, who liked men, was living in sin because of his sexual preference.

4. Dahmer's Parents Visit Him in Prison

This clip shows Dahmer’s parents visiting him in prison. It shows the awkward moment when a reporter asks the serial killer what he thinks of his dad’s tell-all book about him. In that same interview, Dahmer blamed Darwinism for making him the way he is.

5. Dahmer Blames Darwinism

You need to check out the last interview he participated in before he was killed by a fellow inmate. In it, he reveals that when he killed his victims, it felt like they became a permanent part of Dahmer. 

6. Dahmer's Final Interview

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