7 Times Nick Jonas Proved That He Will Forever Be The Hottest Jonas Brother

Joe who?

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

In the early aughts, the Jonas Brothers singlehandedly inspired obsession in the hearts of many a teenage girl. They've since fulfilled their destiny as a boy band by going on a hiatus that eventually turned into a breakup, but the boys have still got plenty of fans -  Nick especially. During their days as a Disney Channel trio, Joe Jonas may have been the leading man, but these days, it's Nick who's winning at life. Here are 7 times Nick proved that he should definitely be your favorite Jonas brother.

1. This: 

Nick has proved time and time again that he's made the best comeback of all time. He reached new levels of hotness when he popped back up on the music scene, looking grown and sexy as a solo artist. Clearly his Disney days are done.

2. This: 

Nick was photographed wearing a matching sweater and shorts while walking down the middle of the street with a group of space babes and he still looked good.

3. This: 

The only thing better than Nick Jonas dancing on stage to "Trap Queen" is Nick Jonas pretending to strip on stage to "Trap Queen."

4. This: 

Nick Jonas performed his own song on the giant piano at F.A.O. Schwartz and it was basically the cutest thing ever.

5. This: 

A photo posted by @nickjonas on

Nick shared this photo on his Insta of him filming a fight scene for season 2 of Kingdom - try to contain your thirst.

6. This: 

A photo posted by @nickjonas on

Nick Jonas + cigars + arms = bare best candids ever.

7. Aaaand This: 

Just in case you were wondering: he did, indeed, wake up like this, and this commercial for his upcoming VMA performance is too adorable.

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