8 Insane Social Media Posts That Got People Fired

Some bosses will never get wind of you whining about your Friday night shift on Facebook. But why take the chance?

By Valerie Williams

With the advent of social media and the Internet, stupid people have found whole new ways to embarrass themselves— or worse, in some cases. It is easy to forget about privacy settings and the fact that anyone following you can screen cap a post or a photo and share it with anyone they want, no matter how strict your settings. Many people have learned this lesson the hard way. Check out eight people below who lost their jobs because of social media posts:

1. Taco Hell

This Taco Bell employee decided to class it up and take photos of himself urinating on an order of Nachos Bell Grande. Luckily for the future customers of this establishment, the guy was stupid enough to share the pictures on Twitter earning him an instant canning once his boss caught wind.

2. Bad Teacher?

Being naked, getting high and documenting it on social media aren’t necessarily criminal acts, but if you’re a teacher, they may as well be. Teacher Carly McKinney was fired from her job after tweeting about being “naked, wet and stoned” as well as several shots of her in various states of undress. It may not be fair, but teachers have to be held to a different standard and that standard would include no nudes and no drugs on your social media accounts. Sorry, Carly.

3. Racist “Jokes” Are Never Funny

Perhaps the most well-known Twitter job loss in recent memory, PR chief Justine Sacco tweeted about going to South Africa and “hoping she doesn’t get AIDS” but teehee, saying of course she won’t, she’s white. She fired it off and got on her flight, not seeing her Twitter account again until after she landed, at which point it had become a trending hashtag having been retweeted thousands of times. Her company, IAC, fired her for her poor judgment. They definitely made the right call.

4. A Daycare Don’t

Kaitlyn Walls learned the hard way that Facebook might not be the best place to vent about her new job at a childcare center. The 27-year-old single mother ended up losing her job over a series of posts detailing her disdain for “being around a lot of kids”, which, hello, is kind of the entire deal when you work at a childcare center. Kaitlyn whined after the fact that she doesn’t REALLY hate kids, but of course, once her new employer got wind of her faux pas, they had no choice but to let her go. What parent wants to send their child to be with a teacher who claims to not even like her job?

5. Pizza Place Problem

A teen named Cella found herself unemployed before clocking a single hour at a pizza joint where she had recently procured employment after taking to Twitter to complain. Calling it a “f*** ass job” was obviously not the best move but we doubt she had any idea her boss would see it. He responds to her tweet by telling her not to bother showing up because she’s now fired. A rough lesson for a young person to learn, but no doubt, she deserved it.

6. Don't Drink And Facebook

In what many might call an unfair situation, teacher Ashley Payne posted a photo on Facebook of herself holding a glass of wine and a mug of beer. She was vacationing around Europe when the photo was taken and her privacy settings were on “high”, but apparently, that wasn’t enough. A nosy parent found it and showed members of the school board, also noting Payne’s use of “the B word” on her page, ultimately resulting in Payne being forced to resign.

7. Being Nice Gets You Fired. Apparently. 

This story of a kindly school bus driver posting his sadness on Facebook over a student telling him he didn’t eat lunch that day should be heart-warming. The student claimed that he was 40 cents short and that the cafeteria wouldn’t let him eat, so bus driver Johnny cook took to Facebook to share the situation. The school found out and told him to apologize and take it back, or be fired. Because he believed in the student’s story, he chose to lose his job. The school claims it has proof the student did not go without lunch that day but it still cost this employee his job. Too bad. He sounds like the exact kind of caring guy who should be working with kids.

8. Screw Obama. Or, How About Not.

Former Marine Sgt. Gary Stein posted a long rant on Facebook about everything upsetting him about our country ending it with “Screw Obama. I will not follow all orders from him.” After a dishonorable discharge, it seems he probably had to if he wanted to keep his job. 


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