Crazed Creep Forces Bag Of Feces Down Woman’s Pants

Woman attacked in New York City by fecal-minded fiend. 

What is this world coming to? Just when you think people couldn't get any sicker, some deranged pervert comes along and sinks to a new low. In the latest race to the bottom, no pun intended, a disturbed man grabbed a young woman on New York’s Upper East Side and tried to shove a bag of excrement down her pants before running off.

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The attack occurred in practically broad daylight at 6pm on East 74th Street in Manhattan. Local residents said they recognized the fecal fiend as one of a group of local homeless residents of a nearby park. Oblivious to her assailant, the goon snuck up behind the woman as she stared at her cell phone. A local security camera caught the whole attack. It is unknown whether the feces in the bag was of human or animal origin.  

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