Dai Burger's "My Lil' Dance" Is The Late Summer Jam You Didn't Know You Needed

"It's the anthem to snagging a cutie of your choice for the night," says Dai.

The dab, the nae nae, the dougie: who needs 'em when you've got Dai Burger's "My Lil' Dance"? Debuted today on Paper Mag, your favorite underground rapper's newest video might be starting a late summer dance craze we didn't know we needed.

Part of Dai's self-titled EP, the adorable retro video for "My Lil' Dance" are directed by Sean Frank. The track might be a little moodier than most party jams, but it's still an ode to self-love and hooking up: “This track embodies that feeling you get when you're getting ready for the club and feeling yourself. It's the anthem to snagging a cutie of your choice for the night," said Dai describing the track to Dazed Digital.

For the track's visuals, Miss Burger says: "[I turned] myself into a group of Hypnotic Bubbly Baddies, and show the onlookers what that 'Lil' Dance' really be like!"

Check it out for yourself, below!

Don't mind me, I'll just be practicing these moves in the mirror for a while before busting them out in public.

Stream the rest of the Dai Burger EP, right here:

[Photo: Youtube]


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