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Phony Florida Doctor Nabbed After Telling Patient He Could Cure Diabetes With Blood Injections

Onelio Hipolit-Gonzalez also claimed he could treat everything from Parkinson's disease to renal failure.

By Ethan Harfenist
Facebook photo

Police in Florida have busted a fake medical professional who claimed he could cure patients’ diabetes with their own blood for operating an unlicensed health care facility.

The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office said in a Wednesday press release that it’s investigating Onelio Hipolit-Gonzalez for “unlicensed practice of a health care profession.”

Authorities claim that the suspect, who reportedly presented himself as a medical doctor in a white lab coat, advertised his services on a Spanish-language classified website called Elclassificado, saying that he could treat diabetes as well as hernias, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, multiple sclerosis, arthrosis, renal failure, ulcers, and more.

“The investigator from the [Florida Department of Health] advised that Onelio Hipolit-Gonzalez has never had a medical license, of any kind, in the state of Florida,” the release said.

On Feb. 7, investigators set up an appointment with the suspect using a fake “patient.” The two met at one of Hipolit-Gonzalez’s friend’s houses in eastern Brooksville, according to authorities. The "patient" paid the suspect $160, and then Hipolit-Gonzalez proceeded to take the patient’s blood pressure and then hook him up to a machine that included a band around the patient’s head, as well as a metal rod that the patient was told to hold.

“Once turned on, the machine began making beeping noises. Hipolit-Gonzalez told the patient that the device was testing his heart, brain, intestinal system, bones, nerves and ‘everything else,’" the police release said. “When the test was complete, Hipolit-Gonzalez told the patient that ‘his cholesterol was on the way to being high’ and that he ‘was not getting enough oxygen to his brain.’ Hipolit-Gonzalez also told the patient that he has '50 percent fat in his liver and his gallbladder was not in good health.' Hipolit-Gonzalez also told the patient that he had diabetes and osteoporosis.”

After the round of tests, Hipolit-Gonzalez told the patient that he cured the owner of the house they were in of his diabetes, and then called him so he could speak of his experience. He added that it would consist of several more appointments, at a cost of $2,000, and he would inject the patient’s own blood back into them as part of the “cure.”

Following the call, authorities arrested the phony doctor.

Hipolit-Gonzalez, who said he was a lab technician in his native Cuba before emigrating to the United States, told police he didn’t think he needed a license to practice medicine. He also said he bought the bizarre machine online, adding that no schooling was needed to operate it correctly.

“When asked about injecting his own blood into patients Hipolit-Gonzalez advised that he does not do that,” police wrote. “He stated that he draws the patient’s blood, and then injects the same blood he just withdrew. He said when the blood enters the body it ‘combats’ the blood cells and increases the immune system.

Hipolit-Gonzalez, who was also charged with unlawful operation of a two-way communication device, is being held on $10,000 bond.

[Photo: Hernando County Sheriff’s Department/Facebook]

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