Foster Children Of Mom Who Dismembered Daughter In Rape-Murder Fantasy Speak Out

Grace Packer's adoptive parents made her life a living hell even before her mother killed her in a gruesome rape-murder fantasy.

By Jaime Lutz

Sara Packer—who allegedly killed and dismembered her adoptive daughter Grace Packer as a part of a rape-murder fantasy with her boyfriend—routinely abused her adoptive and foster children, those children told the Associated Press.

Police accused Packer of watching as her boyfriend, Jacob Sullivan, beat and rape Grace, before the pair drugged her and left her to die in a hot attic. When they went back the next day and found her still alive, Sullivan strangled her, police said. 

They allegedly kept her body in cat litter to mask the smell, then dismembered it and dumped it in the Pennsylvania wilderness until hunters happened upon her remains.

"Her favorite child, and you could see it plain as day, had always been Gracie's brother," said Jade Tenezaca, who had been fostered by Packer, to the AP. "She was more demanding on Gracie to be normal. But Gracie is not normal. Gracie had a learning disability.”

"Some parts of (Grace's) brain didn't work like ours, and you'd have to tell her more than a few times to do things,” another former foster daughter told the AP. “And Sara didn't like that. She yelled, she screamed. She hit her. She was just a big bully to her.”

This foster daughter, who was quoted anonymously in the AP because Packer’s ex-husband David Packer was convicted of raping her and Grace in 2010, said that she was often tied up and gagged by David, starting from when she was 15. He would make her dress in revealing outfits, force her to go on diets, and sexually abuse her. 

She said that Sara Packer likely knew about the abuse, even though she was never charged by prosecutors. And though Sara Packer wasn’t allowed to take in any more foster children, she didn’t lose custody of Grace and her brother.

"They were really mean to Gracie in the home. She was always in trouble," Crystal Rodack, a third former foster daughter, said. "They would hit her, they would ground her and take stuff from her and keep her in her room. I felt bad for her."

The warning signs were numerous, all three agreed. In fact, Tenezaca said that Packer once watched CSI and announced that if she ever killed someone, she’d cut off the arms and limbs and burn each piece to ash.

“It kind of freaked me out,” she said.

[Image: Bucks County District Attorney]

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