Judge Throws Out Fine For Man Eating Pizza At Bus Stop

$234 fine tossed out.

A man dodged a heavy fine for eating pizza at a San Francisco bus stop. Daniel McHugh was initially hit with a $234 ticket for the incident but according to SF Gate, the case was thrown out Tuesday when the police officer involved was a no-show in court.

“I’m very, very grateful this is over,” McHugh said. McHugh is a 64-year-old formerly homeless man.

On March 5, McHugh bought a female friend a pepperoni and pineapple pizza from Chico’s Pizza at Sixth and Market streets. “Little things mean the most,” he said. “When you have a birthday it’s important — especially when you’re homeless.” A police officer approached them and ran a background check. He then cited McHugh for eating pizza, which apparently constituted illegally “eating in the shelter.”

The incident went viral. Supporters of McHugh used the hashtag #LegalizePizza and protested for the right to eat pizza everywhere.

Following the no-show, McHugh told ABC 7, "I have total respect for the law and the police department, yet he didn't even show up. So, I don't know what I can say. Other than it was dismissed and I am very grateful."

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