Man And His Ex-Boyfriend Both Lured Into Online Dating Traps And Murdered, 6 Years Apart

Catfishing and online dating take a deadly turn in this disturbing story. 

Brian Betts, a middle school principal from Washington D.C, was murdered in 2010 after being scammed on a dating app. He was chatting with a man who agreed to meet up with him. Instead, four men showed up to Betts’ home to rob him and shoot him to death, according to the Washington Post. The four suspects, mostly teens, were charged with murder. Some were sent to prison. Others took plea deals.

O’Neil McGean left Mazatlan, Mexico to attend Betts’ funeral. Betts was his ex whom he dated for nearly a decade. McGean called him the love of his life. Years later they would reunite in death when McGean met the same fate as his former love. In 2016, McGean, 53, agreed to meet someone through a dating app. He went missing during the date. So did $16,000 from his bank accounts.

Jorge Guillen Gonzalez and McGean (pictured) opened a cafe together in Mazatlan in 2014. The day after McGean went missing, Gonzalez contacted McGean’s brother, Donnie McGean.  He told the sibling, “[I] really miss O’Neil. He is my life. He knows how much I love him. Hope he is ok, wherever he is. [...]My heart is broken. I just wanna die.”

Donnie flew down to Mexico to search for his brother. While with Gonzalez, Gonzalez began receiving messages from O’Neil’s phone, from his kidnappers: “Pay great attention because I will not say it again. If it occurs to you to do something rash, you will not hear from me or your little sponsor again.”

According to the Washington Post, the kidnappers were demanding an additional $26,000.

Police told Donnie they had a bad feeling about Gonzalez. He was also told his brother recently fired O’Neil. Soon, O’Neil’s body was found and Gonzalez was arrested for orchestrating his death. O’Neil was beaten so badly his lung was punctured. After being beaten to death he was wrapped in a hotel curtain and buried under freshly poured concrete, according to the Washington Post.

In addition to Gonzalez, Luis David Soto, Carlos Ramon Anguiano and Joel Carrillo Anguiano were charged with the murder of O’Neil. Gonzalez’s attorney told the Washington Post that his client has been turned into a “scapegoat” by officials who want to close politically sensitive case, one that could affect American tourism. The attorney, Hector Soto, argued that Gonzalez pressured police to investigate. He also said that Anguiano’s confession was unreliable.

“Carlos says he was tortured into giving that statement.”

Gonzalez claims he is innocent.

“I’m locked up because of the whims of prosecutors and the disabilities of judge. I’m locked up because the state government wants to get along with the American community.”

Donnie told the Washington Post he thinks he’s guilty but he doesn’t know for sure.

“In Mexico, you cannot trust anybody,” he said, “including the police.”

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