Man Kills His Partner Of 13 Years After She Changes Her Facebook Status To 'Single'

He was jealous of her social life on Facebook.

The body of 26-year-old Hayley Jones was found brutally stabbed in her own home. The only others present when police arrived were her four children. Her boyfriend of 13 years, Brian Lewis, was missing.

For most of their relationship, Brian was the provider. He worked and supported the family financially while Hayley stayed home with the kids. But in 2007, Brian lost his job. According to “#KillerPost,” he took getting laid off pretty hard. He also struggled to find a new job, which took a toll on his self esteem.

Hayley offered to work. Her friend was able to get her a job at a nursing home. Not only did the new job help pay the bills but it also introduced Hayley to a whole new world of friends.

Scott Timpe, an attorney, told “#KillerPost”: “After being cooped up in the house for so many years it was nice for her to be around people again.”

Hayley made friends easily at her new job, and she liked to keep in touch with them on Facebook. According to “KillerPost,” after the kids went to bed, Hayley would spend most of her nights on the social media site. That started to bug Brian, who was still unemployed. According to the Telegraph, he resented her usage of Facebook. He even started to grow suspicious that Hayley was cheating on him. Brian began feeling shut out of his wife's life. He started drinking more. His jealousy escalated to violence and one night he put his hands on his common-law wife. From there forward, Hayley slept on the couch.

One morning, Brian found Hayley’s laptop unguarded and he decided to snoop. He found Facebook message after Facebook message of Hayley telling friends that she wanted to leave Brian. But what enraged him even more was her change in Facebook status. Her profile revealed that she listed herself as "single." That night, March 12, 2007, he confronted her. According to Brian, she shrugged it off and went to sleep. Hayley was later found brutally stabbed to death in her own living room.

According to the BBC, Brian fled after stabbing Hayley. As he left, two of his children were at the top of the stairs. One of the children, the couple’s son Kian, later gave video testimony used in the trial, in which he recalled the sounds of his mother pleading for her life.

"No Charlie, no Charlie, I love you."

Brian liked to be called Charlie, according to the BBC report. 

In 2009, Brian was found guilty of killing his long-time girlfriend. He maintained that he never meant to kill her. 

Hayley Jones's mother, Sally Williams, told the BBC: "The murder conviction and sentence can never replace the loss of my beautiful daughter. … As she lay asleep she was cowardly attacked and left for dead and left to be found by the children—Jordan, Cory, Kian and Tia.”

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