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Meet The Inspiring 13-Year Old Champion Surfer Who Lives With Cystic Fibrosis

Bree Labiak surfs up an inspiring story.

Bree Labiak is making waves as a surfer. The 13-year-old finished first in shortboard and longboard divisions at the Governor's Cup of Surfing in South Carolina while battling the lifelong disease cystic fibrosis.

“The Governors Cup was a challenge especially going up against older, more experienced surfers like [champ] Samantha [Bradley], but I felt like I was on with my surfing that day,” she tells The Post and Courier. 

The teen's passion for surfing came about five years ago while watching the movie Soul Surfer and participating in an event for people with cystic fibrosis called the Mauli Ola Foundation Surf Experience Day. “It was a fate thing, just meant to be. That is how she started. It’s been a ‘learn as we go’ experience,'" her mom Lynn explains.

Lynn says that "surfing and salt air" has helped her daughter's lung disease progress slowly. “We have been able to travel to places that we probably would never have gone. We have met some fun people along the way. It has changed my life in only a positive way. It gives me hope for Bree. Hope that she will remain strong and healthy for a good long time.”

Watch this to learn more about Bree:

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