Police Post Plea For People To Stop Calling 911 Over Decapitated Body

“The fact the police department had to make this announcement means more than enough people called.”

Residents in Greene County, Tennessee are completely freaked out by a realistic (and kind of early) Halloween decoration. So much so, that the police actually made a Facebook post on Wednesday, telling residents to stop calling police about the fake headless body under a bloody garage door.

"THIS IS A HALLOWEEN DECORATION!" the post reads. "Do NOT call 911 reporting a dead body. Instead, congratulate the homeowner on a great display."

The post received over 2,000 likes and 6,000 shares.

One comment on the post exclaimed, “The fact the police department had to make this announcement means more than enough people called.”

Police gave further explanation of a 911 call in the comment section, “The call was given out as a ‘suspicious person lying in a driveway with bloody handprints on the garage.’ Officers responded lights/sirens until the first officer arrived to see this.

WJHL obtained a copy of that 911 call, in which the call said, “There’s a guy laying in his driveway, with two big bloody handprints on side of the house. It looks like he was dead I don’t know I didn’t stop I just came on to work.”

Joseph Lovergive and his family put out the decoration. They love Halloween and said they always put out decorations early.

“This morning about 10 o’clock I get a pounding on the door,” Lovergine told WJHL this week. The knock was from the Greene County Sheriff’s Office police. “I said thank you guys for caring but I’m doing just fine.”

Lovergine said police pulled the boot off of the decoration to make sure it wasn’t an actual dead body.

“I was actually going to dress up under there after everyone’s seated for so long and when they come out to get drinks or something I was going to pop up out of the garage door and scare everybody,” Lovergine added.

One commenter on the police Facebook post stated, “ I might be a buzz kill but I just don't think this is a good idea... I don't encourage everyone to put up decor like this cause someone may very well be hurt and people will drive right by saying- oh it's just Halloween... I'm good with pumpkins and such... but I would leave the horror in Hollywood...plus this might give a little elderly man/woman a heart attack... just my opinion. We can agree to disagree.”

[Photo: Facebook, Greene County Sheriff’s Office]

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