Radha Agrawal Wants You To “Let Your Freak Flag Fly” At 7am

It's never too early for a dance party.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

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Radha Agrawal is a renaissance woman. The serial entrepreneur and Cornell University grad has been named “one of eight women who will change the world” by MTV and one of 20 “Millennials on a Mission." Side hustles? She has more than a few. The multi-hyphenate has started businesses--often with twin sis Miki--ranging from Thinx, the breakout underwear brand that’s changing the way women think about their periods, to nutrition company Super Sprowtz. If it’s cool and quirky, Radha is about it. It’s no surprise then that the New York City-based entrepreneur has people up and dancing at the crack of dawn with Daybreaker.

Daybreaker is the judgment-free dance party to jumpstart your day. Radha and partner Matt Brimer founded the early morning weekday rave in December 2013 in the basement of Coffee Shop restaurant in Manhattan. She remembers, “We asked ourselves, instead of mean bouncers and drugs and alcohol dividing us, what if we threw an early morning dance party before going to work?" Radha said in an interview.

The rave is completely clean with only coffee, tea and green juice to fuel dancers. “We invited really happy DJs to play positive, fun dance music and took it back to the basics.”

What was a “social experiment” has turned into a global phenomenon that’s expanded to cities including Los Angeles, London, Paris, San Francisco and Washington D.C. “It just grew organically. We’re in 11 cities with 200,000 members. It’s been an insane whirlwind.” Daybreaker has expanded to weekends and evenings as well.

"Instead of drugs and alcohol dividing us, what if we threw an early morning party before work?"

There's intentionally no velvet rope. Daybreaker is meant for everyone. “We have people of all ages,” she says, from babies on parents’ shoulders to senior citizens. Women 25-34 make up the majority of partygoers. Although many dancers come solo, Radha says it’s a great event to bring a date or coworkers. “It’s a global professional community who are tired of going to bars and clubs and want a new solution. No one wants to deal with mean bouncers. No one wants to be judged for how you look or whether you’re going to buy bottles or not. We remove all those negative experiences and just broaden all the positive stuff. ”

Positive stuff includes live instrumentation, DJs, break dancers, fire throwers and other “wow moments” over the course of two hours that Radha says will make you forget that you aren’t buzzed. “It’s a safe place to meet people and not be judged and dance your ass off before you go to work.”

Radha's goal is to bring wellness, self-expression, camaraderie and community, mindfulness and mischief to every Daybreaker. She wants you to get out of your normal routine and focus on something adults often forget— fun. “We often live routine lives. It’s a wink to your day,” she says. “It’s a place where you can get loose and let your freak flag fly.”

Read more about our adventures at Daybreaker.

You can check out Daybreaker and purchase tickets online. 

(Photo credits c/o Daybreaker & Loren Wohl)

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