RIP Afeni Shakur: 5 Reasons Tupac’s Mother Will Forever Be Appreciated

Afeni Shakur, mother of Tupac Shakur, died at the age of 69.

By Jazzi Johnson

Most of the world was introduced to Afeni Shakur by way of her superstar, super Gemini, super handsome son, Tupac Shakur aka 2pac. In the 20 years since his tragic passing, we've grown to understand that the revolutionary (and contradictory) artist was shaped largely by his mother. Afeni was an activist, poet, actress, political prisoner, and member of the Black Panther Party—and late in life she dedicated herself to keeping the name, legacy, and truth of her son's contribution to the world alive. She suffered a possible cardiac arrest last night. Here are five reasons why Afeni Shakur will always be appreciated. 

1. . Afeni Shakur was a revolutionary.


Afeni Shakur (not to be confused with Assata Shakur, who was her sister-in-law), joined the Black Panther Party in the 1960s. Speaking to Davey D, she explained the following: "When I joined, I wasn't a student. I did not come off the college campuses like a lot of known Panthers did. I came from the streets of the South Bronx. I had been a member of the Disciples Deads, which would have been the women Disciples in the Bronx," she said. "What the Panther Party did for me, I used to always say it gave me home training. The Party taught me things that were principles to living, and those principles are the principles I think most Panthers have tried to pass on to their children and to anybody else that would listen to them..." she continued. "And those are the things I think the people recognize in Tupac."

2. . Afeni Shakur was a writer.

Not only was Afeni a poet and journalist, but her work inspired her son and even the FBI. An active member of the Black Panther Party, she began writing articles for their newsletter The Panther Post. The purpose of most of her writing by the late 1960s was to thwart federal investigators from knowing about what was truly going on within the party, which was said to have been enormously successful. She intentionally wrote pieces to make outsiders believe the BPP was thinning out and fading away. Her poems were also included in a few of the newsletters, such as the one below via Tumblr:


3. . Afeni Shakur was a badass.

Appreciated, indeed. Rest in peace, Afeni.

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