Roman Polanski's Victim Doesn't Want Boycotts On Her Behalf

She's sick of being known as a victim.

By Eric Shorey

The story of Roman Polanski's crime is one that spans decades. Back in 1977, Polanski was found guilty of raping a 13-year-old girl but escaped jail time by fleeing to Europe. Now, the legendary film director might be on his way back to America in the hopes of changing the court's mind about his 50-year sentence. Outraged by the prospect of seeing him escape punishment once again, many are suggesting boycotts of the auteur's body of work. But an article from Vulture is now saying even Polanski's victim isn't behind that form of protest.

Samantha Geimer, the aforementioned victim, is not exactly happy to continue to have her name associated with her victimizer. After feminists spoke out against Polanski, he was forced to step down from his role as president of the César Awards — but Geimer wants nothing to do with their statements:  “I don’t like being used by advocates boycotting that he’s going to be the president of the César Awards, people make a petition without my consent," she told TMZ.

Geimer is attempting to move on: “What happened to me is, sadly, common — however, not the end of the world, and I’m sure I would have been fine, and I was fine, but nobody wants me to be fine," she added. "I continue to be asked to be a victim so people can use my experience, change it, make it worse, dramatize it for their own agendas … I’m not a victim anymore, I can speak for myself, I don’t want to be used.”

On Polanski's potential return to The States, Geimer had this to say: “If Polanski comes back – fine. That would at least end it. It will never be over until that happens.”

[Photo: Getty Images]

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