Son Of Sam Victim Describes Night He Was Shot By The Killer: 'My Shirt Just Turned Blood Red'

"I was shot in the head. I didn't realize it."

"I was shot in the head. I didn't realize it," a survivor of the Son of Sam serial killer says while remembering being shot 40 years ago.

In a new interview with Inside EditionCarl Denaro recalls the day he was attacked in October 1976 in Queens, New York. 

"Shards of glass were all over my arms and hands and although I was shot in the head, I didn't realize it," Denaro remembers. "My head went down and my hair was holding in all the blood from the head wound. My shirt just turned blood red." 

As PageSix describes, Denaro worked at a brokerage house. He was with his girlfriend, Rosemary, in a car when shot by the serial killer. "Suddenly the window burst. Glass shards everywhere. We didn’t know what happened. [Rosemary wasn’t hit.] I was in a state of shock but said, ‘Start the car. We gotta get out of here.’"

The Son of Sam (a.k.a. David Berkowitz) held the city of New York hostage in the mid-1970s with a series of killings. He was eventually convicted and sentenced to 25 years-to-life in prison for each of his six murders.

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