The 10 Most Disturbing Facts From The Toy Box Killer Case

In the toy box killer case, David Parker Ray and his girlfriend Cindy Lea Hendy kidnapped, raped, and tortured multiple women in a trailer fitted out like a horror sex dungeon. 

In the toy box killer case, David Parker Ray and his girlfriend Cindy Lea Hendy kidnapped, raped, and tortured multiple women in a trailer fitted out like a horror sex dungeon. That trailer was known as David’s “toy box” and it would turn out he’d been horrifically torturing women long before he met Cindy. This week's Martinis & Murder podcast is focused on David Parker Ray. 

Police believe he could also be responsible for the murders of countless women, however, no bodies have ever been found to connect David with the women who disappeared after experiencing his toy box. The facts below come with a warning of disturbing sexual violence, as one police officer went so far as to call David “the bogeyman.” Here are the ten most disturbing facts from the toy box killer case.

1. Cindy herself was allegedly abused as a child

Before becoming David’s kidnapping torture “assistant,” Cindy endured a childhood of deep trauma, saying that she had been abused by her stepfather. At 11 years old, she worked up the courage to tell her mother and other family, but no one believed her.

2. David specifically targeted vulnerable women

When Cindy would eventually confess to police, she would tell them that David would often purposefully kidnap prostitutes and women with substance abuse issues, so that no one would come looking for them, or look too hard, when they disappeared.

3. David used tapes to convey a chilling message

David would play prerecorded tapes to abductees, outlining the vile, painful things he was going to do to them. The recording included things like, “Okay, bitch. We both know what you’ve been brought here for. I’m going to use you for a sex slave. And it’s going to be painful as hell. That’s the way I want it to be. Your wrist and ankles are chained, and you’re gagged, because you’re not going to like the way I do it.”

4. David used electric shocks to torture his victims

One survivor, Cynthia Vigil, said she was electrocuted until she passed out. When searching the toy box, police even found a gynecological chair with homemade electrodes attached to it.

5. Many of David’s torture implements were homemade

In the toy box, police found an extensive library of devices and a true crime author told Snapped “It was something that he’d [David] been putting together for many, many years, and it was his kind of a mad scientist dream of, of torture.” Indeed, a lot of the torture apparatus were handmade by David himself.

6. David kept records

One of the most disturbing discoveries police made were video tapes of all of David’s victims being tortured. He also kept a detailed journal where he kept detailed records of all their victims and what he did to them. The journal didn’t have names for the victims, only dates, and a tally of how many times they were tortured.

7. One victim wasn’t believed by an off-duty police officer

Angelica Montano, former friend of Cindy, was set free after four days of rape and torture. She was picked up trying to hitchhike to her mother’s house by an off-duty police officer. She told him her story, but he didn’t believe her because he thought the story was so outlandish, and subsequently it wasn’t reported until much later, after Cynthia Vigil’s escape.

8. David’s daughter helped him kidnap victims

Let this sink in: David had his daughter, Jesse Ray, kidnap women and bring them to his torture room so he could rape them for days. Jesse was turned in by Kelli Garrett, a survivor of the toy box who Jesse lured to David’s home.

9. David forced his friend to kill his girlfriend

Roy Yancy told police David ordered him to kill a woman called Marie Parker, who was his lover. Roy took Marie to a 4th of July party at David’s house in 1997, and David drugged Marie and at gunpoint made Roy take her out to the toy box. David then gave Roy a rope and said “You know what you need to do,” forcing Roy to kill Marie in order to save his own life. After Roy strangled Marie to death, David drove him to Monticello Canyon to bury the body. Roy took police to where the body was buried, but they found nothing there, leading Roy to believe David had moved the body.

10. David is suspected of manipulating Roy and Cindy out of testifying

David was set to stand trial three times: once for Kelli, once for Angelica and once for Cynthia. However, just as he was about to stand trial for the rape and torture of Kelli, Roy Yancy stopped cooperating. Prison guards said that Roy had received a note with only “Rats die in jail” written on it. There was no proof linking the note to David, but it seemed likely to be from him. Meanwhile on November 1999, Cindy tried to recant her confession. It seemed that Cindy had been getting notes smuggled from David saying things like “I love you. I want to marry you,” and that he got a tattoo of her on his arm.


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