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'The Keepers' (Ep. 5): Family Secrets

On this episode of the Neflix docu-series, two separate families have kept secrets about the murder of Sister Cathy quiet ... until now.

By the late 90's Father Maskell had found himself in a dementia ward. Despite being only in his early 60's, it seems he's no longer cognizant enough for real conversations, leaving victims attempting to confront him without closure. Maskell ultimately dies in 2001.

After this reveal, we're introduced to Debbie Yohn, who admits that her family had kept numerous secrets about a murderous uncle. Debbie recalls various family arguments that were kept under wraps but manages to put the pieces together, ultimately realizing that her uncle is likely responsible for Cathy's death. An ex-wife of her Uncle Ed (who speaks on the condition of anonymity) corroborates on evidence of Ed's shady, violent past. “Margaret” had attempted to leave Ed but he threatened to murder her. She stayed with him because she was pregnant with twins. Ed intimated that he had killed the errant nun and hinted that he was fully capable of erasing his tracks. Ed wound up arrested for a stolen car. A year after Cathy's death, Ed presented “Margaret” with a necklace that was likely bought by Cathy and stolen during the murder.

The Schmidt's, another local family, also wind up being mentioned on an anonymous tip line set up to help solve Cathy's case. Bill, a member of the Schmidt clan, was a neighbor of Cathy's. Relatives of Bill's recall whispers of murder committed long ago, but are fuzzy on any specific details. Bill seemed to have developed a drinking problem shortly after the murder. He (and his boyfriend, Skippy) later became increasingly obsessed with the Catholic church and the story of Cathy. As Bill sliped further into delirium, his sister-in-law discovers a nun's outfit hidden in his attic. Bill was plagued with persecutory fantasies about the nun haunting him – eventually leading Bill to numerous suicide attempts. After five tries, Bill succeeded at taking his own life.

An interview with a nephew of Bill Schmidt reveals that Bill and Skippy had entered Cathy's apartment on the night of her murder and left with something rolled up in a carpet that was later shoved into Bill's trunk and dumped in the woods behind their family's business. Bill's nephew was sworn to secrecy on the penalty of death after having witnessed it all go down.

The episode ends with the suggestion that it was Bill and Ed (AKA Skippy) working together, perhaps under the orders of Maskell and maybe even an entire cabal of other nefarious individuals had murdered Cathy. While Maskell and Bill are long dead, Ed remains alive – although fear mounts as a confrontation with Ed approaches. Could he still be dangerous after all these years?  

[Photo: Screenshot from Netflix]

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