Woman Sends Tinder Guy's Unsolicited Nude Pics To His Mom And Gets Best Possible Response

"Girls are better stalkers than the FBI."

By Eric Shorey

Madi Kohn, a 20-year-old student at Arizona State University, warned men on her Tinder profile that if they sent her unsolicited pictures of their genitals she would find their mom and pass the photo on. When men began testing her, she followed through — with strange and hilarious results.

The warning could not have been more clear: "If you send me dick pics I will send them to your mom," read Kohn's profile.

"I’m not the first person to receive things like that and it’s not been the first time," she told BuzzFeed"I’m just tired of people in general thinking they can send things like that without repercussions, and they think it’s OK."

One unidentified male aggressively pursued Kohn, despite the warning. He didn't match with Kohn, but tracked down her Instagram and sent her some illicit photos there.

"He had messaged me several times before that. I never replied," recalled Kohn. "He was sending kind of creepy and kind of gross and annoying things to me. He finally sent me his lovely dick picture — he sent it to me at 6 a.m. in the morning."

Kohn's improper suitor used his full name on his Instagram bio, leading her to his Facebook profile, which helped her eventually trace down his mother. 

"I tried to be civil when I wrote the message to the mom," she said.

The mother responded in both Spanish and English, saying that she believed her son to be a good man, but that she would speak to him. "1000 sorry," wrote the mom in a text.

"She took it pretty well," Kohn said. "She wasn’t turning around and attacking me. It was super nice."

The man later changed his Instagram info such that it would no longer list his full name.

"I will say this. If that was 'me' what she did was illegal. You can't share those types of 'private' pics without consent," the man said to BuzzFeed. "I am not sure if you are aware of that. My mom, my sister, other family members, my friends—no one cared. I think the fact that no one cared pushed her off [sic] the edge to try to make a big deal out of this."

"My mom knows very little English so I don't know if she understood what was going on," he added. "She was just surprised by the picture she was sent from her. She apologized the best she could because she did not know what was going. She called me and just told me about it.”

He does not plan on pressing charges against Kohn unless she continues contact with him.

Kohn says she still receives dick pics from strangers who "are testing [the warning] and pushing it to the limits."

[Photo: Instagram]

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