Woman Traumatized After Catching Burglars Having Sex On Her Couch

“It's like they just had a big old nasty party."

Anyone who’s ever been the victim of a home invasion will tell you how violated and vulnerable it makes you feel. Imagine the added horror of finding intruders completley naked in your most intimate of spaces. That’s the disturbing tale a Memphis, Tennessee woman is telling after coming home to find two burglars having sex on her couch. “It's absolutely horrible in there,” says the victim Jamie Barnes, speaking of her now befouled house. “It's like they just had a big old nasty party."

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Barnes had been away for a couple of days and was surprised to see her front door open when she returned home. But surprise led to disgust when she entered and found a couple having sex on her couch. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the creepy couple had robbed her home and sold off her belongings. “They ransacked my house and stole all my stuff,” said Barnes, “jewelry, appliances, clothes.”

Armed with a broom, Barnes chased off the man, who got away. A woman, Tonka Barnes, was arrested at the scene for aggravated burglary. Barnes was already planning on moving but this event was the final nail in the coffin for the abode. "I don't feel comfortable at this house, so in my eyes, I'm homeless," she said.


Source: WREG News Channel 3


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