Valona on Brooklyn 11223 106: Angelina instigated the fight.

By permanenteditor

I was shocked when I heard that Joey Lynn and Carla met up to talk. Thank god Joey Lynn had a chance to defend herself to someone. You have to start somewhere. Joey Lynn says she is going to leave the 11223, but I don’t believe her. She's not going anywhere anytime soon.

When I found out that Nick had set us girls up to meet at the bar, I thought to myself, What a sneaky b*stard. Always something up his sleeve! I was suspicious of Nick’s announcement before we arrived. I was like, What could this kid possibly have to tell us?! I knew something was going to go down, whether it was there or somewhere else. There have been plenty of times we've bumped into each other. They were all drunk before we got there so I wasn't surprised.

Angelina instigated the fight. She has a big mouth, just like when we fought outside the club. She wouldn't stop talking sh*t while we were trying to leave the club and she wouldn't stop running her mouth at the bar. When Angelina said that the pigpen was loose, I wanted to show her how loose the pigpen could get. That fight could have gotten a lot uglier. She has such an issue with my friends because we're on "Joey Lynn’s side.” We’re not five years old. She expected everyone to be afraid of her, but reality check: no one is. Like I said, I would have fought until the end.

When it came to Joey Lynn confessing the truth, I expected her to confess to kissing him. She was being the bigger person letting Christie know what happened, which wasn't sleeping with him. I did know that she had kissed Roberto because she told me. It was just a matter of time before Joey Lynn and Christie actually confronted each other about it. But I do not believe anything more happened between Joey Lynn and Roberto. If she told Christie they kissed, what’s the difference telling her she slept with him? Let’s be serious here.

There is definitely still unresolved business between the crews, but you never know what the future holds!

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