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Crime News Charmed To Death

911 Dispatcher Poisoned Multiple Romantic Partners With Antifreeze Before A Letter Got Her Caught

Lynn Turner asked both her husband and a lover to make her the beneficiary of their life insurance policies. Eventually, both men seemingly died of the flu. What really happened?

By Jax Miller

Wedding bells were ringing -- but so were the warning bells, according to those closest to the bride and groom.

Friends and family referred to Glenn Turner, 28, as a gentle giant who followed his dreams of becoming a police officer into Cobb County, Georgia. In 1991, Glenn was happy, but the only thing keeping him from living his best life was a woman with whom he could share his happiness.

“He kept telling me he wanted to be married before he was 30,” his sister, Linda Turner, told “Charmed To Death,” airing Sundays at 7/6c on Oxygen.

The beautiful Lynn Womack, 23, soon caught Glenn’s attention at a party. The pair began dating, and Lynn seemed to enjoy showering her new beau with lavish gifts, including fancy tires for his truck and an expensive pair of cowboy boots.

Lynn was also fascinated with policing, a common interest she could share with Glenn. She previously tried to become a police officer but failed the psychological examination. Instead, she became a 911 dispatcher.

Lynn said yes when Glenn asked for her hand in marriage. But right off the bat, Lynn gave Glenn’s family the cold shoulder.

“They came to the house to tell me they were getting married, and she didn’t have anything to say to me,” Glenn’s mother, Kathy Turner, told producers. “I thought that was very strange because I thought, ‘I’m going to be her mother-in-law, and she’s not going to say anything to me and show me any love or anything.’”

Friends and family weren’t keen on the influence Lynn seemed to have over Glenn, beginning when she alienated him from those he was closest to.

“She pretty much controlled him,” said Glenn’s friend, Mike Archer. “She pretty much put an end to Glenn having a close relationship with his family.”

On Aug. 21, 1993, the couple married in Marietta, Georgia. But even at the wedding, the new Lynn Turner made no effort to bond with her in-laws. What uneasiness came from the wedding was further solidified in the following days when Glenn told his mother that he needed to change his life insurance policy to make Lynn the beneficiary.

It turned out that Lynn’s love for Glenn wasn’t long-lasting.

The marriage quickly went downhill, with Lynn showing no interest in her new husband. By the end of the year, she was barely home at all. Rumors even swirled that Lynn was having affairs with other officers. Lynn also ran up credit card debt.

Left with few options, Glenn told his family that he was going to leave his wife.

Matters only got worse when Glenn developed a terrible bout of the flu. He called his friend, Mike Archer, to say that he’d never been so sick in all his life, that he was shivering and hardly able to talk and walk.

“I woke up early in the morning, and I got a phone call from my co-sergeant,” said Archer, who worked with Glenn at the police department. “And she goes, ‘They found Glenn Turner dead in his bed this morning.’”

Suspicions quickly landed on Lynn. But there was no apparent foul play involved in Glenn’s death, so authorities didn’t investigate it as a homicide. A medical examiner listed Glenn’s death as natural, citing an enlarged heart.

While loved ones grieved at the funeral, Lynn laughed and giggled among her friends. She also drew negative attention when holding hands and sitting close to a male officer friend.

Then, while en route from the church to the cemetery, Lynn made phone calls to inquire about the life insurance policy.

Lynn moved away shortly after Glenn was laid to rest and never contacted the Turner family again. Before long, rumors came back to Cobb County that Lynn was pregnant with a Forsyth County fireman named Randy Thompson.

Six years passed, and Archer had taken up work at a local car dealership. He received a request for a vehicle needed for an upcoming funeral. He learned it was for Randy Thompson, who suddenly died after a bout of the flu.

“The medical examiner’s report was that he had died of natural causes,” Special Agent David King of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation told producers. “That he probably died of a heart attack.”

Archer alerted authorities to Glenn’s death, but he and Glenn’s relatives could not get authorities to reopen the case.

Glenn's mother, Kathy, took it upon herself to look up Thompson's obituary and contact his family. Thompson's sister suggested Kathy write a letter to his mother via the funeral home.

Four months later, Glenn’s mother got a response from Thompson's mother. By comparing notes, relatives from both families learned that Lynn was romantically involved with Thompson while she was still married to Glenn, leaving them to wonder if Lynn killed Glenn to be with Thompson.

Like her previous husband, Lynn showered her new man with expensive gifts.

“Expensive cowboy boots, gold bracelets, expensive clothing,” said Special Agent King. “Most of the money was coming from the money that she inherited from Glenn’s death.”

In May 2001, families petitioned to have Thomas' body exhumed for reexamination.

“The medical examiner, after hearing the families’ concerns, decided to take a second look at the tissue samples that had been collected from Randy,” said King. “They noticed there were some oxalate crystals in his kidneys, and I believe his liver also, that were not supposed to be there.”

The findings indicated the presence of ethylene glycol, most commonly used in antifreeze. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation stepped in and began investigating Randy’s death as a suspected homicide.

Money seemed to be the motive, once again. Lynn and Thompson had been together for several years and parented two children, but she never married him.

“The reason she didn’t marry Randy was because she would have lost her death benefits with Glenn,” said Archer.

Lynn also convinced Thompson early in their relationship to get an insurance policy and make her the beneficiary.

Toward the end of their six years together, Lynn and Thompson argued more and more about finances. Finally, Thompson felt no choice but to call it quits and move into his own apartment.

On Jan. 19, 2001, Thompson had plans to hang out with friends when Lynn called and asked him to be with her. Lynn implied a possible reconciliation, and the pair went out to dinner before he went home with her. Afterward, he became so ill he he had to be hospitalized.

Thompson was subsequently released from the hospital. Lynn, as she did with her previous husband, offered to nurse him back to health.

But on Jan. 22, friends found Thompson dead in his apartment.

“After I heard about Randy dying of antifreeze… I got to thinking, ‘Boy, this could be what happened to Glenn,” Kathy told producers.

Agents reopened Glenn’s case and began to investigate it as a homicide. Cobb County agreed to exhume his body. Oxalate crystals found in Glenn indicated that he, too, died of antifreeze poisoning.

Investigators believed that Lynn poisoned the men’s food and/or drinks while pretending to bring them to the path of recovery. They also learned that it took Lynn no time to try and cash in on Randy’s insurance policy.

“Lynn actually called the insurance agents as she was leaving the funeral for Randy,” Cobb County District Attorney, Patrick Head, told producers. “The agents said when he told her that the policy had lapsed because Randy had failed to make the payments, there was a notable and lengthy pause from Lynn.”

Lynn was arrested and what followed was a trial that was highly publicized and garnered a lot of media attention. A shocking moment came when a veterinarian office’s technician testified that Lynn came in and inquired about euthanizing animals, asking if antifreeze would "kill cats the same way it would kill dogs."

On May 14, 2004, the jury found Lynn guilty of murdering Glenn Turner. She was sentenced to life in prison. Three years later, a jury found Lynn Turner guilty of murdering Randy Thompson.  

“If Glenn’s family had not written that letter to the Thompson family, Lynn would have killed two men and gotten by with both deaths,” said Special Agent King.

On Aug. 30, 2010, Lynn died in prison after an overdose of her blood pressure medication. Her death was ruled a suicide.

For more on this case and others like it, watch “Charmed To Death,” airing Sundays at 7/6c on Oxygen or stream episodes here.

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