A Few Words from Keven's Mom Kathie

By Oxygen


A few words from Keven's mom, Kathie:

What can I say about Maria?  She is personality plus, with a heart as big as her smile. Maria's a fabulous young woman who has not allowed fame to go to her head, nor has she ever flaunted her fame. This is due to her strong family ties and strong roots. This trait is exhibited in all her dealings with people.   

Everyone always asks if my son's partner is as personable as she seems, and my response is: yes! Maria has had celebrity quality since her pageant days, but celebrity status has not spoiled her in any way. 

On my last visit to L.A. we really had a lot of alone time, and we were able to share our thoughts and feelings on many subjects. I think we were both amazed to discover how much we had in common.

Kev and Maria are a perfect match and totally in tune. They have both contributed to each other's success. Both are "go-getters" and share similar philosophies.

Here's to many years! 

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