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3-Year-Old Survivor Hid Under Blanket As Her Dad Murdered Her Twin Sister, Mom And Grandma

Pablo Colon shot his wife Sandra Colon, mother-in-law Olga Alvarez and one of his twin daughters, but the second daughter was miraculously found alive.

By Gina Tron

The sole survivor of a Florida family massacre in August hid under a blanket while her father murdered her twin sister, her mother and her grandma before killing himself, newly released records show.

Pablo Colon, 35, his wife Sandra Colon, 36, his mother-in-law Olga Alvarez, 61, and one of his 3-year-old twin daughters were all found fatally shot in the family's Pembroke Pines home on Aug. 25. Authorities believe Pablo pulled the trigger in each death.

“No, no. Don’t, don’t,” a woman screamed in a frantic call to 911, according to a recording from the Pembroke Pines Police Department obtained by Oxygen.com. The woman was crying out in both English and Spanish. “He’s going to kill her,” she said in Spanish. 

At one point, a child calls for her grandma.

“He’s going to hurt me,” the caller cries while a male voice screamed obscenities in the background.

“Save the children,” the caller pleads, urging them to come quickly.

It was hours before police could enter the family’s home, situated in a gated community. A second 911 call was made by a woman who said that Pablo Colon called her husband (and his cousin) Cesar De La Hoz to state that he'd killed his family and was going to kill himself next. 

Pablo Colon Fb

"I had to do it, I killed my whole family," the woman recounted his statement to the 911 operator.

“See you in heaven,” Colon told his cousin, according to an offense report obtained by Oxygen.com.

Colon told his cousin he believed his wife was cheating and he killed his family as a result. He continued to hint at suicide, saying,"I'm going to do it while you're on the line. Goodbye."

This prompted a standoff.

For nearly two hours that night, a SWAT team surrounded the home. During that time, they tried to reach Colon, to no avail. The SWAT team made entry shortly before midnight. 

Inside, they found the four bodies.

But, as one of the officers on the scene recounted, there was an improbable survivor.

"I then entered the kitchen and observed ammunition on the kitchen floor and immediately observed what appeared to be a bundled up blanket or throw on the floor partially underneath the kitchen table,” the officer wrote. As officers pulled one end of the blanket they saw "the dark hair and the top of the head of a female child [...] begin to lift up and she opened her eyes."

There was a small laceration to her neck and throat area, according to the police report. Both her and her sister’s names have not been revealed.

One relative says it’s possible a child’s game helped her survive.

“Who knows,” Dominique Pinzon, a cousin of Pablo Colon, told the South Florida Sun Sentinel. “Maybe her love for hide-and-seek saved her life.”

The little girl is now in the care of family. 

“She’s in the best hands and she is going to be loved and cared for for the rest of her life,” Pinzon told the outlet.