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Influencer Alexis Sharkey’s Mom Says She Believed Her Daughter’s Husband Had Killed Her ‘From Pretty Much The Beginning’

Tom Sharkey took his own life in Florida last week as authorities swooped in to arrest him for the 2020 death of his wife, Alexis Sharkey.

By Jill Sederstrom
Husband Of Slain Influencer Died By Suicide In Florida

Houston influencer Alexis Sharkey’s mom says she believed her daughter’s husband, Tom Sharkey, had killed the 26-year-old “from pretty much the beginning” of the investigation.

But he will never be brought to justice in the criminal legal system. The 50-year-old took his own life on Oct. 5 at a home in Florida as authorities converged on the residence to arrest him for the death, Houston Police Homicide Det. Michael Burrow said in a press conference last week.

With two lives now gone, Alexis’ mom, Stacey Robinault, has extended her condolences to the family of her former son-in-law and revealed new details about Tom’s odd behavior in the days after Alexis’ body was found by solid waste department supervisor along the road last November.

“I’m super sorry for Tom’s family,” Robinault told local station KTRK. “It’s just such a senseless loss that has happened with my daughter and then him. I’m just sorry for all of that. It’s been a horrific year.”

After nearly a year of investigation, Burrows said detectives concluded that Tom was “the only person who had the means, the motive, and the opportunity to commit the murder” and discovered a history of domestic violence between the couple.

“The relationship was ending,” he said of the possible motive. “There was a pending divorce.”

Robinault said although she wasn’t surprised that investigators had reached that conclusion, she had expected the final outcome of the case to play out in a courtroom.

“I just really thought that it would end with a trial and that he would come in and make his case. He chose not to go that way,” she said. “I will admit, we have felt that Tom was guilty of this from pretty much the beginning.”

While she acknowledged that “loss of life is never good,” she did feel that “in a way he did serve himself justice.”

Robinault said Alexis’ family saw “red flags” from the beginning. Although it was initially reported that the 26-year-old disappeared on Friday Nov. 27, Robinault said Tom never reached out to her family until the next evening after he had already been questioned by police.

“He knew we were going to hear about it, then he called us,” she said. “He never communicated with us, until, kind of, his feet were against the fire.”

When he did reach out to the family, she said they were “ugly conversations” that seemingly placed blame on Alexis rather than offering concern or heartache.

“It was nothing like you would expect from someone that was so desperate about the loss of his wife,” she said. “Every conversation was how horrible she was and how wonderful he was, that this is her fault in a way.”

In the weeks after Alexis’ death, Robinault said Tom moved out of the couple’s apartment and had his friends clear out the place.

“It was heartbreaking when everything settled and it was time for us to get her belongings, the heirlooms that she had … that were our family’s. Just to have a touch of her as an adult. Nothing. It’s all gone,” she said.

She said the family had asked Tom for the personal belongings “many times” and although he always claimed he would get the items to the family, he later “ghosted” them.

“We begged him for her cats because they were like her children. We just wanted to have something. We just wanted to have something of hers,” she said, adding that the family still doesn’t know what happened to Alexis’ three cats, Asia, Jack and Smokey.

In another disturbing move, she said Tom refused to claim his wife’s body from the medical examiner’s office and her family had to wait weeks to claim it themselves.

“I don’t understand. I don’t understand why you would ever leave your loved one in there any longer than they have to be,” she told the local station. “It was so bizarre. It was so disheartening.”

She called his strange behavior a “double hit” for the family.

“We’re dealing with the loss of our daughter. We’re dealing with a son-in-law that is doing everything opposite of showing that he’s sad, that she’s gone and that he wishes we could figure out what happened,” she said calling it an “extremely excruciating” time.

Since her daughter’s death, Robinault said she’s spent time researching and reading books on domestic violence to understand the struggle her daughter must have gone through and said in retrospect she realizes Tom had “incredibly controlling attributes.”

Tom had been the Houston Police’s sole suspect in the killing.

After she died, he had taken to Facebook to mourn his slain wife, according to local station KTRK.

“My world! My everything! I’m so lost right now! My one and only,” he wrote.

After obtaining an arrest warrant “quietly” for Tom on Sept. 29, the U.S. Marshals learned he was staying in Fort Myers with his daughter and converged on the home around 10 p.m. on Oct. 5, local station KHOU reports.

Rather than be taken into custody, Tom ran upstairs and shot himself, authorities said.

“We definitely would give our condolences to Tom’s family because they’re so innocent in all of this,” Robinault said. “I’m sure they’re very sad, especially for his daughter, for how that went down.”

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