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Anna 'Delvey' Sorokin Admits What She Did Was 'Definitely Unethical' In New Interview

Anna Sorokin, who used the name Anna Delvey, said in a new interview from immigration detention that defrauding her friends, banks and other businesses was "unethical."

By Gina Tron
Anna Sorokin

Anna Sorokin is speaking out from behind bars, admitting that she was wrong when she scammed thousands while posing as an heiress. 

"Yeah, that was definitely unethical," Sorokin, 31, told NBC News. "I would not encourage anybody else to follow my footsteps."

The Russian-born German national who used the name "Anna Delvey" was convicted in 2019 of eight charges — including grand larceny and theft — after masquerading as an heiress between 2013 and 2017.

Sorokin solicited $275,000 from friends, banks and businesses for what she has always maintained was a legitimate business plan for her project, the Anna Delvey Foundation. Her lawyer has stated that she was merely trying to "fake it til she made it" in the difficult career waters of New York City. Her story is the basis for the Netflix hit series “Inventing Anna.”

Sorokin was released from prison last February but was detained six weeks later by ICE for overstaying her visa. She, along with other detainees, filed a class-action lawsuit against ICE earlier this year for allegedly neglecting to protect her from COVID-19.

She currently faces deportation to Germany for overstaying her visa.

"Hopefully, I'll be given a chance to focus all my energy into something legal. And I like to believe I'm good at getting things done," she told NBC News. "I'd love to be given an opportunity ... for people not to just dismiss me as like a quote-unquote scammer, and just see what I'm going to do next."

According to a press release provided to Oxygen.com by Sorokin’s PR agent, she also announced a "Reinventing Anna" NFT project this week, and she told Page Six that “signed” underwear will be part of that project.

Recently, artist Julia Morrisonm who co-curated an art show for and about Sorokin earlier this year, claimed that she is owed thousands for the event. A spokesperson for Sorokin claims that Morrison tried to extort her.

As for the scams that made her infamous, Sorokin told NBC News, "I never was trying to do any harm to anybody. And I'm not just like this vicious like scamming person trying to like take advantage of anybody who's just like stupid enough to fall for it."

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