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Anna Sorokin Writes Letter From ICE Detention Center, Says She Won't Be Watching Upcoming Netflix Series

Anna Sorokin, who posed as an heiress named Anna Delvey to con people and banks out of thousands, says she will not be watching the new series "Inventing Anna," starringJulia Garner as herself.

By Gina Tron
Anna Sorokin Talks Life In Prison In New Interview

Anna Sorokin, the subject of Netflix’s new series “Inventing Anna,” has written an open letter from the ICE detention center where she's currently being held, declaring that she has no intention of watching the dramatization of her life.

The series stars Julia Garner as the 31-year-old Sorokin, who was released from prison last year after serving four years for masquerading as a German heiress named Anna Delvey between 2013 and 2017. While Sorokin was released from prison, she was arrested six weeks later by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement for overstaying her visa. The Russian-born German is currently in ICE custody, where she authored the open letter, published by Insider this week.

"While the world is pondering Julia Garner's take on my accent in Inventing Anna, a Netflix show about me, the real me sits in a cell in Orange County's jail in upstate New York, in quarantine isolation," she wrote. "For a long while, I was hoping that by the time Inventing Anna came out, I would've moved on with my life. I imagined for the show to be a conclusion of sorts summing up and closing of a long chapter that had come to an end."

She references the $320,000 she made off the series, which has all been used to pay off her victims. 

Julia Garner Inventing Anna Netflix 2

“While I was in prison, I paid off the restitution from my criminal case in full to the banks I took money from. I also accomplished more in the six weeks they deemed were long enough for me to remain free than some people have in the past two years,” she said. 

The state of New York actually froze Sorokin's funds back in 2019 to prevent her from making money off the Netflix deal. Sorokin's funds were unfrozen last year so she can pay back her victims, of which at least $199,000 was paid back to banks, Insider reported.

During Sorokin’s 2019 trial, a jury convicted her of six counts of felony fraud including second-degree larceny, theft of services and one count of first-degree attempted grand larceny. Sorokin has always maintained that she had a legitimate business plan for her project, the Anna Delvey Foundation, and her lawyer has stated that she was merely trying to fake it til she made it in the difficult career waters of New York City.

In her letter, she noted that now she’s the only woman in ICE custody in the jail. 

“Tell me I'm special without telling me I'm special,” she remarked on that note, before diving in to the conditions at the jail. She complained that she hasn’t seen a real doctor in years and that she has been denied “a clear and fair path to compliance.”

Julia Garner Inventing Anna Netflix 3

"So no — it doesn't look like I'll be watching Inventing Anna anytime soon," Sorokin wrote. "Even if I were to pull some strings and make it happen, nothing about seeing a fictionalized version of myself in this criminal-insane-asylum setting sounds appealing to me."

Sorokin did say she was “curious” of how the series came out, calling it a culmination of hours worths of phone conversations and research.

But, she wrote, “I can't help but feel like an afterthought, the somber irony of being confined to a cell at yet another horrid correctional facility lost between the lines, the history repeating itself.”

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