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Woman Gets 40 Years For Twisted, Incest-Related Plot To Kill Her Sister's Boyfriend

“I hope we got some sort of justice for the family,” McDowell County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Dennie Morgan said of the final sentencing in the bizarre 2019 murder of John Thomas McGuire. 

By Jill Sederstrom
Woman Sentenced For Murdering Boyfriend To Marry Her Dad

A North Carolina woman was sentenced to 40 years behind bars Wednesday for her role in a twisted, incest-related plot to kill her sister’s boyfriend.

Anna Marie Choudhary, 33, was the final member of her family to be sentenced for the heinous February 2019 murder of John Thomas McGuire, 38, who was killed after being lured into playing a trust game with his girlfriend’s family.

McDowell County Circuit Court Judge Ed Kornish handed down the maximum sentence for second-degree murder Wednesday, after Choudhary pleaded guilty to the charge in January, according to The Bluefield Daily Telegraph.

Choudhary’s father, Larry Paul McClure Sr., 55, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in the case and was sentenced to life without mercy in August. Her sister, Amanda McClure, was also sentenced to 40 years in prison for second-degree murder in the case in October.

“I hope we got some sort of justice for the family,” McDowell County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Dennie Morgan told the paper. “At the end of the day, I’m thankful to Judge Kornish that (Choudhary) got the maximum sentence. She deserved it.”

Anna Marie Choudhary Pd

The twisted case began after Larry McClure—who had once been estranged from his daughters—was released from prison after serving more than 17 years behind bars for child molestation.

He eventually reconnected with his two adult daughters, Choudhary and Amanda McClure, and the family bonded over their shared use of drugs.

Amanda McClure and McGuire had been living together in Michigan at the time, but both Choudhary and Larry came to pick up the couple in Indiana after they got “dope sick” and their car broke down, Choudhary later told the court while entering her plea, The Bluefield Daily Telegraph reported in January.

All four returned to Larry’s Skygusty, West Virginia home, where they stayed together for weeks. At one point, the group attempted to make their own meth, but the “bad batch” failed to crystallize. Amanda decided to store the liquid in a jar rather than disposing of it.

Choudhary would later tell the court that at this point she began to notice strange behavior between her father and Amanda, noting that they would often “go off to the side” to speak to one another and started to cut strips of rope.

The family decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day and dined on a meal of steaks, potatoes and a bottle of wine before Choudhary said “things started to get strange.”

Larry suggested the group play a trust game and they tied McGuire’s feet up as Larry sat back and watched with an eerie grin on his face.

“He sat down and I don’t know, it was a grin that I’ll never be able to describe,” Choudhary said. “But as John sat up and bent over to untie his feet, and it all happened so quick, but Amanda stood up and grabbed that bottle and bashed him over the back of the head with it.”

Choudhary claimed that Larry threatened her to cooperate with the pair, telling her “if I knew what was best for my children and wanted them to live, I would follow all instructions that were given to me from that moment on.”  

Larry later said the trio tortured McGuire for “two to three days of hell” as they injected him with the liquid from the bad batch of meth, before Amanda put a black trash bag on his head and Choudhary strangled him to death, The Bluefield Daily Telegraph reported last year.

Amanda Larry Mcclure Pd

He was buried behind the house in a “two-foot grave” but was later dug up, dismembered and re-buried, the paper reports.

After the murder, Larry and his biological daughter Amanda had sex, according to local station WOAY. She’d later testify in court that she believed Larry had wanted her to kill her boyfriend out of jealousy.

“John (McGuire) told Larry that he loved me and we were going to get married,” Amanda said, according to the paper. “I wish I could bring John back. He was a good man.”

Just over three weeks after the murder, Larry, Amanda, and Choudhary all traveled to Tazwell County, Virginia where Larry and Amanda got married and Choudhary was instructed to serve as the “happy witness,” she said at her plea hearing.

McGuire’s remains were later discovered on Sept. 24, 2019 after Larry confessed to the West Virginia State Police.

At Choudhary’s sentencing hearing on Wednesday, McGuire’s mother, Karen Smith, wished all three killers “a very miserable life,” Morgan said.