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Woman Lays Out In Horrific Detail The Torture And Murder Of Her Sister’s Boyfriend In Incest-Related Plot

Anna Marie Choudhary pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in John McGuire's grisly 2019 death at the hands herself, her sister Amanda McClure and their biological father, Larry McClure.

By Jill Sederstrom
Woman Sentenced For Murdering Boyfriend To Marry Her Dad

A North Carolina woman pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in an incest-related plot to kill her sister’s boyfriend, revealing to a judge disturbing new details about the Valentine’s Day crime.

Anna Marie Choudhary, 33, described in detail Wednesday how her family — including sister Amanda McClure, 31, and father Larry McClure — tortured and killed Amanda's boyfriend, 38-year-old John McGuire in 2019.

McGuire and Amanda had been living in Minnesota when they decided to move into Larry's home in Skygusty, West Virginia. Choudhary said the couple had been "coming off meth pretty hard" around the time they made the move, according to the Bluefield Daily Telegraph's account of her testimony, which was delivered via teleconference. The car they were driving on the long journey actually broke down in Indiana, so Choudhary said she and her father agreed to pick the couple up there. 

A few weeks after arriving in West Virginia, either McGuire or Amanda decided to make their own methamphetamine, Choudhary said, and Larry helped them gather ingredients. But the batch didn’t crystallize, so Amanda decided to store it in liquid form in a jar.

Anna Marie Choudhary Pd

Choudhary said she noticed Larry was in a “quiet rage” during this time and often went “off to the side” to talk with Amanda, but she initially didn’t realize any sinister plans were afoot.

Around this time, the group decided to enjoy a Valentine's Day dinner of steak, potatoes and wine. Choudhary said she noticed Amanda keep the empty wine bottle near her during the meal and that “things started to get strange” after Larry suggested they play a trust game following dinner. Under this pretense, they tied McGuire’s feet up and Larry sat on the couch with an eerie smile.

“He sat down and I don’t know, it was a grin that I’ll never be able to describe,” Choudhary said in court according to the local paper. “But as John sat up and bent over to untie his feet, and it all happened so quick, but Amanda stood up and grabbed that bottle and bashed him over the back of the head with it.”

Choudhary told the judge that her father had looked at her and told her “if I knew what was best for my children and wanted them to live, I would follow all instructions that were given to me from that moment on.” 

For hours, the trio proceeded to torture McGuire, with Amanda repeatedly accusing him of being a federal informant and “demanding to know who he was,” Choudhary said.

Amanda then instructed her sister to inject McGuire with two syringes of what she claimed was the truth serum sodium penthothal but in reality, was the liquid from the bad batch of meth, into his carotid artery.  

Amanda told her sister after the injection she believed it was enough to “kill” McGuire, but it didn’t have its intended effect and instead made him “high” and gave him extra strength, Choudhary said.

“They stood over me and told me I needed to finish it and needed to strangle him, so that’s what I did,” Choudhary said, describing how she strangled McGuire with a rope that had been tied around his neck.

Larry—who was sentenced to life without mercy for the crime in August—told investigators it had been “two or three days of hell” before McGuire was killed, according to an earlier report from the Bluefield Daily Telegraph.

Amanda also pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to 40 years in prison in October. She said in court that she believed the crime happened because “my dad didn’t want anyone else near me.”

After killing McGuire, the family burned his belongings, put his body in a garbage bag and eventually buried it on the Skygusty property.

A few weeks later, Choudhary said in court that Amanda wanted proof her boyfriend was really dead and they dug up the body, pounded bed rails into it with a sledgehammer and then reburied the remains.

It was around this time the trio drove to Tazewell County, Virginia and Amanda McClure applied for a marriage license to marry Larry, her biological father, eventually doing so in a March 11, 2019 ceremony.

After the incestuous marriage, Choudhary said she eventually was able to get away and move to North Carolina.

McGuire’s body was discovered in September 2019, local station WOAY reports.

At Amanda’s sentencing last year, Allen and Gwen Holm, who had been the adoptive parents of both sisters, apologized to McGuire’s mother, Karen Smith, for their daughter’s actions.

“I want to apologize on our behalf,” Allen Holm said, according to the paper. “I can’t imagine what (Smith) is going through.”

Amanda also apologized for taking her boyfriend’s life.

“I have to look at myself every day,” she said, according to the paper. “My family didn’t raise me to be this way. I’ve not only hurt John’s family, I’ve hurt my own family.”

Choudhary is expected to be sentenced at a later date and could face up to 40 years in prison, according to The Associated Press.

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