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Woman, Terrified That She Was Being Followed, Stabbed To Death After Pulling Into Parking Lot She Thought Was Police Station

Christina Raymond's boyfriend said she had been making DoorDash deliveries Sunday when she spotted a man she believed to be her ex-boyfriend following her and tried to drive to a police station, but ended up in the wrong parking lot.

By Jill Sederstrom

Just minutes before 35-year-old Christina Raymond was stabbed to death, she had spotted a person she believed to be her ex-boyfriend following her car, authorities say.

Frantic, Raymond drove to the Milpitas Police station, but in a fatal error, the 35-year-old drove to the wrong parking lot and ended up next door at the City of Milpitas Department of Public Works, where she was repeatedly stabbed and killed, according to court documents obtained by Oxygen.com.

Raymond’s ex-boyfriend Anthony Jon Juco is now facing charges of murder and stalking with a specific prior felony conviction after he was arrested following a police chase in Raymond’s car, according to a complaint obtained by Oxygen.com.

His 60-year-old mother, Simona Marie Atondo, is also facing charges of being an accessory to murder after the fact after police say she met her son in a McDonald’s parking lot after the slaying and jumped in the passenger seat of the vehicle before he drove off as Raymond’s bloody body lay in the backseat.

The incident began Sunday around 11 a.m. while Raymond had been out delivering food for DoorDash. She was talking with her current boyfriend, Lennart Persson, on the phone when she spotted someone that she believed to be Juco following behind her.

Christina Raymond Fb

“She’s like, ‘Oh my God, babe. That’s Anthony,” Persson later told KTVU-TV.

Persson—who had been dating Raymond since October—said he urged his girlfriend to drive to the police station because he knew Juco, a convicted sex offender, had been sending her threatening emails.

“It was just getting worse and worse the prior month,” he said. “He just kept saying some really nasty things about when he sees her it’s going to be a problem, ‘I’m going to kill you and your family.’”

Milpitas Police Sgt. Francisco “Kyle” Sanchez wrote in a statement of facts that on New Year’s Eve, Raymond had posted a TikTok video celebrating her new relationship.

She allegedly began receiving threatening messages from Juco later that day, including one that said “187,” an apparent reference to the state penal code’s designation for murder. The former couple had broken up in October, Sanchez said.

Anthony Juco Pd

On Sunday, after talking to Persson, police said Raymond also called Juco’s stepmother, who was with Juco’s father at Costco in San Jose, to report that Juco was following her. She told the woman that she had just pulled into the parking lot of a police station, but Sanchez said Raymond had actually pulled into the parking lot of the public works department.

Although the two departments share the same building, the public works department has a separate parking lot. As they were talking at some point the video switched to a Facetime live video but the stepmother only saw a dark screen and could hear Raymond screaming something like “Stop! Get out of here, leave me alone!” Sanchez wrote in the report.

Juco’s stepmother heard more screaming before the phone suddenly went silent and she heard her stepson say “I’m sorry,” authorities said.

Juco’s father, Jesse Juco, quickly tried to call his son who answered and allegedly said “I’m sorry dad, it’s done.”

Juco’s father then called Atondo and police said Jnco’s stepmother, father and Atondo all drove to a nearby McDonald’s where Juco had allegedly driven with Raymond’s 2007 Toyota Camry.

Sanchez said Juco’s mother and father both walked up to the car and saw Raymond’s bloody body in the backseat. The Santa Clara County medical examiner would later determine the 35-year-old had been stabbed 12 times in the back, 11 times to the upper front torso and three times to the head, according to the court documents.

Surveillance footage allegedly showed that Juco’s parents remained in the parking lot for 24 minutes, although no one ever tried to administer life-saving efforts to help Raymond or call 911, authorities said.

At one point, Sanchez said Juco’s father removed the keys from the car and took a bloody knife from the vehicle before going back to his own car to get a drink for his son. Atondo had also entered the McDonald’s to get her son a drink.

While the family had gathered at the fast food restaurant, Persson was getting increasingly concerned when he couldn’t reach Raymond and called police to do a welfare check, providing them with the location of her phone, according to the court records.

Police said Atondo retrieved the car keys from Juco’s father and got into the passenger seat of the vehicle just before police arrived at the scene.

Officers could spot a “reddish-brown substance” on the driver’s side rear door of the vehicle and ordered Juco to stop, but he took off in the car leading police on a chase. The vehicle came to a stop after a single vehicle crash in Fremont.

After the crash, Sanchez said police saw Juco making “erratic movements” toward his body and rushed in to arrest him. He had suffered self-inflicted stab wounds and injuries from the collision.

Raymond was found dead in the back of the car, curled into a fetal position, police said.

Officers later found a large amount of blood in the public works parking lot where they believe Raymond was killed and more blood in Juco’s Honda Civic, according to the report.  

Persson described his slain girlfriend to KTVU-TV as someone with a “heart of gold” who was always thinking of others. Although the couple had only been together a short time, he said they had been planning to buy a house together in 2022 and had even talked about one day having children.

“We built a foundation and really just built each other up and loved on each other,” he said. “We had a lot of plans, you know. And now it’s all gone.”

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