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Lawyer For Breonna Taylor’s Family Blasts Draft Plea Agreement Implicating Her In ‘Organized Crime Syndicate’

“Breonna Taylor is not a ‘co-defendant’ in a criminal case,” Sam Aguiar, Breonna Taylor's attorney, wrote on Facebook. “She’s dead. Way to try and attack a woman when she’s not even here to defend herself.”

By Dorian Geiger
The Call For Visibility for Breonna Taylor: “I’ve Still Seen Many Stories…That Will Not Include Breonna’s Name”

Breonna Taylor was wrongly named as a co-defendant — and implicated in an “organized crime syndicate" — in an unfinished plea agreement for her ex-boyfriend's pending drug case, according to her family's lawyer.

An image of a draft plea negotiation involving Jamarcus Glover's pending case, which listed her name, was posted to social media on Monday by Taylor’s attorney Sam Aguiar. The document attempts to connect Taylor in a suspected drug ring.

“Commonwealth Attorney Tom Wine tried to give the Elliott Ave. defendants a plea deal on July 13 which would have identified Breonna Taylor as a ‘co-defendant’ for actions related to the arrests on April 22, 2020,” Aguiar wrote on Monday. 

The supposed document alleges that Taylor and others acted alongside Glover and "engaged in an organized crime syndicate that trafficked large amounts of crack cocaine [and] methamphetamine."

“Umm...when was Breonna Taylor ever a co-defendant?" Aguiar wrote. "And oh by the way, the cops killed her a month and a half before April 22 and four months to the day before the date of this effort to get a plea deal (which was rejected).”

The lawyer concluded by calling prosecutors “desperate.”

“Thank god [Wine’s] office recused itself, as we sure as hell know what they would’ve done,” Taylor’s attorney added. “And shame on that office. Breonna Taylor is not a 'co-defendant' in a criminal case. She’s dead. Way to try and attack a woman when she’s not even here to defend herself.”

Wine, the Commonwealth Attorney for Jefferson County, later acknowledged that Taylor’s name was initially included in a draft of pre-indictment plea negotiations between Glover and his attorney. 

However, he flatly denied that the 26-year-old was ever classified as a “co-defendant” in the case.

“Breonna Taylor was never a co-defendant in the Jamarcus Glover case,” Wine said in a statement. “A case including Breonna Taylor as a co-defendant was never presented to the Grand Jury nor did our office ever consider presenting one to the Grand Jury with her name.” 

Taylor’s name was later omitted from the finalized plea deal given to Glover this summer and was never part of the official court record, prosecutors stated. 

Wine added that his office, “does not posthumously indict any person who is deceased.”

“The plea sheet that Sam Aguiar posted on Facebook was a draft that was part of pre- indictment plea negotiations with Mr. Glover and his attorney. Those drafts were never part of the court record and are not court documents.” 

Wine said he “directed” investigators to remove Taylor’s name “out of respect.”

The finalized plea sheet, reviewed by Oxygen.com, does not contain Taylor’s name. The plea, emailed to Glover’s legal team on July 21, was later withdrawn, Wine’s office said; Glover allegedly failed to surrender himself to the court, they said.

Jamarcus Glover Pd

On March 13, plainclothes Louisville officers used a battering ram to burst into Taylor’s apartment on a no-knock warrant while Taylor slept. She was struck by eight bullets and later bled to death in her apartment.

Taylor’s then boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, startled awake, fired a single shot at police, whom he pegged for intruders. Law enforcement then riddled Taylor’s home — and her neighbors’ apartment — with dozens of rounds. Undercover police officers had wrongly believed Taylor was home alone on the night of the botched raid. 

Prior to the fatal encounter, a number of other homes connected to Glover, the intended target of the search warrants, were stormed by a swarm of law enforcement, resulting in the seizure of sizable quantities of guns and drugs, according to the plea deal. 

Taylor's involvement in her ex-boyfriend’s suspected large-scale drug enterprise, concentrated on the 2400 block of Elliott Avenue, however, was largely overblown by local detectives, the New York Times reported

Taylo's car had been traced to and from traphouses allegedly operated by Glover and she was also surveilled collecting packages for her ex, according to the Times. She paid Glover’s phone bills and spent thousands on his bail in his past scrapes with the law. In recorded jailhouse calls, Glover also admitted that Taylor was “handling all my money.” 

These suspicions ultimately led investigators to secure the search warrant of Taylor’s apartment.

But no drugs were found at Taylor's apartment, 10 miles away from Glover's alleged traphouses, and Glover, who was arrested last week as a fugitive on drug charges, stated that Taylor had no involvement in the drug ring.

“The police are trying to make it out to be my fault and turning the whole community out here, making it look like I brought this to Breonna’s door,” Glover said, according to the Courier-Journal.

"There was nothing never there or anything ever there, and at the end of the day, they went about it the wrong way and lied on that search warrant and shot that girl out there," Glover added.

Drugs, nor the money mentioned in the jailhouse calls were found at her apartment. Glover later denied Taylor was stashing money for him, according to the Courier-Journal.

The pair began dating in 2016. Through the years, Glover, who entangled himself in multiple criminal investigations, appeared to repeatedly pull Taylor into his legal woes. 

In December of that year, Glover also ensnared Taylor in a murder inquiry, according to the Times. Glover, who convinced Taylor to rent a car for him in her name, wound up the subject of police scrutiny after a man was found shot to death in the rental vehicle. Baggies of narcotics and Taylor’s rental agreement were also supposedly seized by police, court records obtained by the Times stated. 

Walker, who was dating Taylor at the time of her death, said that Taylor had gone back and forth between him and Glover for years. Taylor permanently cut ties to Glover roughly a month before her death, the Times reported. 

Brett Hankison Breonna Taylor Ap Fb

Brett Hankison, the officer responsible for “blindly firing” into Taylor’s home, killing her, was fired in May. He hasn’t been charged in her death.

Hankison, alleged to be a “dirty cop” in a separate lawsuit, was once accused of planting drugs on a rival. The disgraced police officer has also had sexual assault allegations raised against him in the past.

Taylor’s family has since filed a civil suit against Hankison, and the other officers involved in the shooting. On Tuesday, Walker also filed a lawsuit against police, demanding he be declared immune to prosecution after he shot an officer in Taylor's home the night she was killed, citing the state's "stand your ground" law, according to CBS News.

In June, Louisville Metro Council banned the use of no-knock warrants. 

Taylor’s murder, and the deaths of other unarmed African-Americans, including George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery, have given rise to nationwide protests demanding racial justice and systematic police reform

The unrest, which has, at times, turned violent, has gripped nearly every major American city, and was reignited late last month after a white police officer in Kenosha, Wisconsin fired seven rounds into the back of Jacob Blake, partially paralyzing him.

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