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Cassie Laundrie Says She's 'Baffled And Blown Away' By Her Parents' Continued Public Silence

Cassie Laundrie also took aim at the family's attorney, saying she felt he had "thrown her under the bus" in the media, as the search for her missing brother, Brian Laundrie, continues.

By Jill Sederstrom
FBI Get Items For 'DNA Matching' At Brian Laundrie's Home

The sister of Brian Laundrie says she’s “baffled and blown away” by her parents’ silence as the search for her missing brother continues in the Gabby Petito case.

Cassie Laundrie spoke out — first to a small group of protesters gathered outside her home and again Tuesday on “Good Morning America” — after new questions emerged about when she last saw her brother.

Cassie told a small group of people gathered outside her Florida home that Brian had flown home to Florida from his cross-country trip with Petito on or before Aug. 17 before he allegedly returned to meet up with Petito, according to video obtained by NewsNation.

Just weeks later, Brian was seen returning to Florida on Sept. 1, driving the Petito's white Ford Transit van, without her, police have said.

Cassie said she saw Brian and her parents that same day, but told “Good Morning America” they came to her home for an “ordinary” visit in the family’s Mustang—not the white van.

“I really wish he had come to me first that day with the van,” she said. “Because I don’t think we’d be here.”

She saw Brian and her parents again on Sept. 6 during a family vacation to Fort De Soto Park, but said she didn’t realize Petito was missing at the time.

“We just went for a couple of hours and we ate dinner and we had s’mores around the campfire and left, and there was nothing peculiar about it,” she told ABC News. “There was no feeling of grand goodbye. There was nothing.”

According to Cassie, it was the last time she saw or spoke to her brother.

“I’m frustrated that, in hindsight, I didn’t pick up on anything,” she said. “It was just a regular visit.”

Petito’s mother reported her missing just days later, on Sept. 11. Her body was later found in the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, where she had been camping with Brian in the converted camper van before she disappeared.

Brian disappeared himself on Sept. 14 as investigators were imploring him to help find his missing girlfriend. His parents told authorities that he told them he was going hiking in Sarasota County’s 25,000-acre Carlton Reserve not far from his home, but never returned. They reported him missing three days later.

Cassie told ABC News she didn’t know whether her parents had played a role in his disappearance.

“I don’t know if my parents are involved,” she said. “I think if they are, then they should come clean.”

She told the small group outside her home she was “just as baffled and blown away as everybody else” about her parents decision to publicly remain silent about the case.

Cassie also criticized the family’s attorney who told the media that she had been along on the family camping trip—drawing into question earlier comments she had made in on “Good Morning America” on Sept. 16 that she had not been able to speak to her brother.

She clarified to those outside her home that she meant she hadn't spoken to him since Petito was reported missing and said her earlier response in the media had been misconstrued because viewers were not able to see what question she had been asked at the time.

“I’m in the boat where I’m getting ignored by my family and thrown under the bus by my family’s attorney,” she said.

When asked by NewsNation to respond to the criticism, family attorney Steven Bertolino said that he did not represent Cassie Laundrie.

“Cassie’s comments can only be attributed to the press twisting my words and hers, which were only given to clarify prior mischaracterizations by the press, with the hopes of further sensationalizing this tragic story,” he said.

Cassie said she is still trying to piece together what happened to Petito and what role her brother may have played in the death.

When asked whether she believed Brian had killed Petito, she replied that she didn’t know and told “Good Morning America” that she had never observed any violence between the couple but that it was “pretty typical of them to argue and try and take space from each other.”

Cassie said she also doesn’t know whether her missing brother is still alive, but urged him to come out of hiding if he is.

“I would tell my brother to just come forward and get us out of this horrible mess,” she said, adding that she is still hopeful he’s alive so that everyone can get the answers they need.

While addressing those camped outside of her home, she said the intense media scrutiny has taken a toll on her family.

“This is not what we want to be doing,” she said of her decision to speak to the crowd. “This is not how we want the world to find out when we’re angry and upset. But I can’t have my kids be crying for three days in a row.”

Cassie insisted that she had been cooperating with investigations “since day one” and urged her parents and Brian to come forward with what they know to help give Petito’s family the closure they need.

“They deserve answers,” she told ABC News.

"The Murder of Gabby Petito: Truth, Lies and Social Media" will air on Oxygen on Monday, January 24 at 9/8c. It's also available to stream on Peacock now.