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‘Charlie's Angels' Stuntwoman And Husband Dead After Shootout With Her Ex

Cheryl Sanders' ex-husband, Lindsay Duncan, claims she and her husband ambushed him on his property.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

An accomplished stuntwoman and her husband were both killed last week following a shootout at her ex-husband’s Ohio home.

Cheryl Sanders, 59, and Reed Sanders, 56, were both found dead on Wednesday morning outside of the Yellow Springs home of Cheryl Sanders’ ex-husband Lindsey Duncan, according to NBC News. Their deaths occurred following a shootout during which both of them were allegedly armed; Reed Sanders, who arrived first and was alone, was shot first, and then Cheryl Sanders arrived and was killed during a second bout of shooting, the outlet reports.

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office is currently classifying the incident as a justifiable homicide, according to the Dayton Daily News.

Following the incident, Sheriff Gene Fischer said, “I’ve not seen anything like this,” according to the Springfield News-Sun.

Duncan and his wife addressed the shooting Friday during a press conference published online by numerous local outlets, including Dayton 24/7 Now. He and his wife were returning home after a routine shopping trip that morning when things went awry, he said; they’d driven up to their gate and he was getting the mail while his wife, Molly Duncan, was retrieving a package when “all of the sudden, hell began.”

Cheryl Sanders Robert Reed Sanders Fb

“All I really remember was a 6-foot-something, 6-foot-5 man, that was probably 230 pounds with … a full camo mask and hoodie on, ran to my wife's driver’s side with a gun, and held it about 10 inches from her head,” he recalled. “And I thought it was a bad nightmare. I didn't know what to do. Whatever happened after that was instinct.”

“It wasn’t me — it was instinct,” he continued. “I just was operating off of pure instinct.”

Duncan is alleged to have shot and killed both Cheryl and Reed Sanders, according to the Dayton Daily News. Authorities have said that Duncan had a permit to carry a concealed weapon, an earlier report by local outlet WHIO-TV states.

During Friday’s press conference, Duncan said that his wife was caught in the middle of gunfire twice, but was miraculously unharmed.

Lindsey Duncan and Chery Sanders shared two daughters, according to the Dayton Daily News. A man who described himself as a friend of the slain couple claimed that the Sanders, who lived in North Carolina, had traveled to Ohio to confront Duncan about a disagreement regarding the girls’ college funds, the paper reports; however, during Friday’s press conference, when presented with that theory, Duncan suggested otherwise.

“With two weapons? With multiple clips that were loaded? … Ski mask?” he said, before adding, “The details of the investigation will all come out.”

Molly Duncan described what happened as an “ambush,” remarking, “That’s exactly what it was. We were caught off guard. They said nothing. They started shooting at us.”

Cheryl Sanders was a second-degree blackbelt and kickboxing champion who began her film career in 1986 and who went on to work as a stunt double for notable names such as Jessica Alba, Nicole Kidman, and Uma Thurman, according to a tribute posted by WomenInStunts.com.

During her Hollywood career, she performed stunts in films like “Back To The Future Part II,” “Lethal Weapon 3,” and 2000’s “Charlie’s Angels.”

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