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Conan O'Brien Reveals Talk Show Set Was Burglarized

Conan O'Brien, who has been filming his show at the Largo Theater in Los Angeles, said this week that a burglar made off with various equipment.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt
Conan O Brien G

Talk show host Conan O'Brien revealed this week that the set of his talk show had been burglarized and the thief made off with a number of items.

O'Brien, 57, referenced the incident during a monologue in Monday's episode of "Conan." Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the cast and crew began filming the show at the historical Largo theater in Los Angeles earlier this year, rather than at a studio; however, after arriving to film the show one morning, they found that a burglar had broken in and taken "some of the equipment [they] use to make the show."

"We got robbed, Andy. Robbed," O'Brien said to comedian and show announcer Andy Richter.

The thief, who presumably has not been caught, stole two laptops, which the crew uses for Zoom interviews, as well as a clapperboard, a device used during filming to differentiate between scenes.

"They took that," O'Brien said, referencing the clapperboard. "That's the lowest. I can't think of anything lower. Ok, the laptops, fine. You took the slate?"

"That's crazy," O'Brien continued, adding later, "What kind of a new low is this for us?"

Like many late night talk shows, O'Brien began filming his show from home in March as lockdown restrictions tightened across the country in an attempt to curb the spread of Covid. He made the move to the Largo Theater in West Hollywood in July, partly to support local theaters that have been struggling during lockdowns, according to Deadline.

“Why am I here? Well a lot of theaters are struggling right now and we really wanted to help one of the empty local theaters here in LA so we chose Largo. It’s a really special place," he said of his decision.

During filming, the cast and crew have been adhering to health and safety protocols, and have not brought back a live studio audience, according to Deadline. Instead, they've filled the theater's seats with cardboard cutouts of fans, which may have made the burglary awkward for the thief, O'Brien joked during Monday's broadcast.

"Whoever broke in here had to stare [at] what I think is about 350 cardboard cutouts of exuberant fans in the eyes and say, 'Hey, don't mind me. I'm going to steal some s—,'" he said.

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