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Jonathan Majors' Ex-Girlfriend Describes Alleged Injuries She Sustained While Testifying at Assault Trial

Grace Jabbari, the ex-girlfriend of Jonathan Majors who accused him of assaulting her in March, says the Marvel actor has a "violent temper." 

By Elisabeth Ford
Grace Jabbari leaves court in new york city

Actor Jonathan Majors’ ex-girlfriend testified in the assault case against him Wednesday about the injuries she says she sustained when he allegedly shoved her into a vehicle during an argument.

Grace Jabbari took to the stand and tearfully described how Majors, 34, allegedly got violent with her in a cab this past spring in New York City. Her testimony in a Manhattan court rounded off the fourth day of the trial.

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What injuries did Grace Jabbari say she suffered at the hands of Jonathan Majors?

The 30-year-old British dancer said that Majors attacked her in a manner that resulted in her hair becoming caked in blood, her ear swollen and her middle finger “more or less black,” ABC News reported.

What is Jonathan Majors charged with in his assault case?

The Marvel star was arrested in March and charged with several misdemeanor counts, including three assault charges and two harassment charges, according to court records previously reviewed by Oxygen.com. A protective order against Majors was also issued.

He pleaded not guilty in November to the assault and harassment charges. If convicted, he could be sentenced to up to a year in prison, a judge said last month.

A press image of Jonathan Majors

What happened on the day that Jonathan Majors is accused of assaulting Grace Jabbari?

Jabbari painted a picture in court of long-endured abuse from Majors, which she says culminated on March 25, when Majors allegedly assaulted her in the back of a chauffeured SUV.

While on the witness stand, Jabbari broke down as prosecutors played surveillance video that captured Majors allegedly throwing her, as they put it, “like a football,” into the back of the vehicle, according to the Associated Press.

“I really don’t want to watch it again,” Jabbari said, while Majors sat stoic in his seat, the AP reported. “This is going to make me sick.”

Prosecutors say a dispute began between the couple when she read a romantic text from another woman on his phone. After Jabbari snatched the device, Majors allegedly grabbed her finger, twisted her arm behind her back and struck her on the back of the head in an effort to retrieve the phone back, according to ABC News.

The car then pulled over and the pair continued to argue as they got out of the vehicle. Majors then allegedly picked her up and threw her back into the SUV.

“There were multiple pushes, multiple injuries,” Jabbari said while being questioned by defense lawyers, who refuted that she hit her head on the doorframe after being pushed into the car, which they argue is not shown in the video, according to the AP.

Majors’ attorneys tried to cast doubt on Jabbari’s story of being in “excruciating” pain after the assault by playing surveillance video of her drinking in a club just hours after her encounter with the Creed III actor, ABC News reported.

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The dancer said she approached a group of bystanders for help and accompanied them to a nightclub so to not be alone.

“I wasn’t focusing on pain. I was just trying to have a nice time,” Jabbari replied to the defense when they questioned the severity of her injuries, according to the AP. “There were these lovely people there and I felt safe with them.”

It was only in bed once she arrived home that she said it felt “like I got hit by a bus,” Jabbari testified.

Grace Jabbari claims she was protecting Jonathan Majors

Jabbari said that she usually took the blame in arguments between the couple to avoid Majors’ alleged “violent temper.”

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“I wanted him to know that I wasn’t trying to get him in trouble,” Jabbari said. “In the past, when I would put the blame on me it was a solution for the both of us,” she said in court, according to ABC News.

She admitted that she was concerned about the treatment he would be given by police, saying that “he had told me in the past about not trusting the police and what they would do to him as a Black man, and I didn’t want to put him in that situation.”

Majors’ defense attorney, Priya Chaudhry, has suggested that her client's race may have played a role in his arrest.