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Ohio Woman Allegedly Drowned Her Grandmother In Kitchen Sink Over Cost Of Nursing Home Care

Charges are pending against Heidi Matheny in the death of her 93-year-old grandmother, Alice Matheny, after she allegedly confessed to drowning the elderly woman in a sink.

By Megan Carpentier
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An Ohio woman is expected to be charged with murder after she walked into a local jail and allegedly told officers she'd murdered her own grandmother.

Heidi Matheny, 35, is in the Preble County Jail facing murder charges in the death of her grandmother, Alice Matheny, 93, according to jail records reviewed by Oxygen.com and the Dayton Daily News

Eaton Police were called to the Preble County Sheriff's Office (which also houses the county jail) just before 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, after Heidi Matheny allegedly walked in and asked to be committed for drowning her grandmother, the Daily News reported. Easton police officers then went to the apartment the two women shared — which was less than two miles southeast of the jail — and found Alice Matheny dead in the bathtub.

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Heidi Matheny allegedly told police that Tuesday had been "nothing special, it was a day like any other day," according to a police report obtained by Dayton NBC affiliate WDTN. But then Heidi took Alice to the older woman's doctor, who said that Alice needed to be placed in a nursing home. Heidi reportedly told police that she realized she couldn't afford the cost of her grandmother's nursing home care.

A police handout of Heidi Matheny

After they returned to their apartment, the two women ate a meal together followed by ice cream, Heidi told police. Then, as WDTN reported, she allegedly said Alice got up to do the dishes.

That, Heidi allegedly told police, is when she walked up behind her 93-year-old grandmother, pushed her face into the sink filled with water and held her there "until she stopped blowing bubbles," according to Dayton CBS affiliate WHIO.

The police report says that Heidi allegedly admitted that she then carried her grandmother's body to the apartment couch, but became uncertain whether the elderly woman was dead, according to the Daily News. So, she allegedly went into the bathroom and filled up the tub.

"She drug [Alice] into the bathroom and placed her into the tub," the police report states, after which she allegedly held her underwater for 15 minutes.

Heidi then left the apartment via a window, according to WDTN's reporting, and walked to the Sheriff's Office.

She allegedly told police, "It’s nothing that she did,” the station reported. ”She’s the perfect freaking grandma.”

Heidi added that she was just "aggravated with the situation" and, after Alice was dead, said she felt the elderly woman "is at peace," according to the Times.

“It’s difficult not to take this to heart when you have a 35-year-old granddaughter who allegedly drowned her grandmother of 93 years of age in the bathtub,”  Eaton Police Division Chief Steven Hurd told WDTN.

Police say the investigation is ongoing and formal charges against Matheny are pending from the Preble County Prosecutors Office.