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Woman Found With Gunshot Residue On Hands, Eyebrows Convicted Of Killing Doctor Husband

Holli Osborn was found guilty of shooting her husband, Dr. Christopher Osborn, three times in the head as he slept before drunkenly calling her father to report his death. 

By Jax Miller
Wives Who Brutally Killed

An Ohio woman has been found guilty of shooting her husband to death as he slept.

Holli Osborn, 46, was convicted by a Franklin County jury on two counts of murder for the death of her husband, Dr. Christopher Osborn, according to court records cited by CBS Columbus affiliate WBNS. Prosecutors said Osborn shot Christopher in the head three times in 2018 at their Ennishannon Place home in Dublin, Ohio — less than 20 miles from Columbus.

The verdict comes after a week-long trial which largely focused on physical evidence found on the scene — and particularly on gunshot residue detected on the Holli Osborn, according to NBC Columbus affiliate WCMH-TV.

Franklin County Prosecutor Daniel Lenert noted tests of the defendant’s hands reached “the cutoff,” stating that positive results are only designed to detect “10 particles,” which Holli Osborn had.

“They don’t go up higher than that,” said Lenert, noting residue was not only found on both of the defendant’s hands, but in her eyebrows as well.

A police handout of Holli Osborn

Holli Osborn’s defense attorney, Kevin Gall, attempted to argue during his closing arguments on Wednesday that gunshot residue could have been transferred to his client’s body while she was in police custody.

Testing from one of two guns found near the couple’s bed also revealed Holli Osborn was the last person to handle the weapon, as reported by ABC Columbus affiliate WSYX.

Inside the Franklin County Common Pleas Court, prosecutors theorized that Osborn killed her husband after learning about his alleged infidelity, according to WCMH.

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“Their relationship was described as up and down,” Lenert told jurors. “Then they would love each other, then they would fight, makeup, rinse, repeat.”

Mr. and Mrs. Osborn reportedly made arrangements to proceed with a divorce around the time of the murder, according to WSYX.

Following the shooting, prosecutors say Holli called her father in Logan County, who is the one who notified authorities, according to court records obtained by WSYX. He reported that his daughter had been drinking alcohol.

Christopher was found on July 18, 2018, and pronounced dead just after 7:30 a.m.

Dublin Police Officer Gwen Whittaker testified at the trial about what she observed when interviewing Holli Osborn at her home, according to WCMH-TV.

“She was very unsteady on her feet,” Whittaker stated. “She had glassy and bloodshot eyes; she was slurring her speech incredibly bad to the point I had to ask her to repeat names two or three times.”

However, it wouldn’t be until 2019 — following a nine-month investigation — that a Franklin County grand jury indicted Osborn for two counts of murder with special firearm enhancements.

Dr. Christopher Osborn practiced medicine at the Dublin Medical Clinic and worked part-time at the Mary Rutan Hospital in Bellefontaine, per WSYX.

Holli Osborn is scheduled for a sentencing hearing on Nov. 3, according to WBNS. She faces a mandatory 18 years behind bars.