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Human Remains ID'd Amidst Bizarre Cluster Of Disappearances In Rural Oklahoma

The Tulsa County Sheriff's Office stated human remains found last Sunday belong to missing man, Jack Grimes. 

By Jax Miller
Woman, 80, Disappears While Searching For Her Missing Son

Authorities have identified the remains of one of three people who disappeared last week in a rural Oklahoma town, while a fourth person was also reported missing in the area.

Tulsa County Sheriff Vic Regalado confirmed that human remains found by deer hunters on Sunday in Turley, Oklahoma, belong to missing man Jack Grimes, 76, as announced at a live press conference on Monday. Though a cause of death was not released, they are treating it as a homicide.

According to the sheriff, Grimes and his friend, Dwayne Selby, 59, disappeared on or around Oct. 22 after failing to arrive at a horse show in Fort Worth, Texas. Dwayne’s vehicle was found abandoned on Oct. 25 in nearby Mohawk Park.

“Dwayne Selby remains a missing person at this point in the investigation,” said Regalado.

On the day authorities found Selby’s car, his mother, Glenda “Cookie” Parton, 80, also disappeared from Turley. As previously reported, Parton vanished on Oct. 25, after setting out to find her missing son and Grimes.

Parton’s vehicle, a 2016 red Kia Rio, was found abandoned on Highway 75 the following day. The Pryor Creek Police Department issued a Silver Alert.

“We currently are searching the area where Jack’s remains were found for additional victims, for we cannot rule out the possibility that Glenda and Dwayne have also met with foul play,” said Regalado. “This investigation is in its early stages as we are still working through evidence and timelines.”

Regalado says they will continue searching the area on Monday and in the days to come.

“It’s not a stretch to say that, potentially, other remains may be found in that immediate area or further down,” the sheriff continued. “We hold out hope that Glenda and Dwayne are fine and that these are just weird circumstances for them, but at the same time, we have to explore all of our options.”

Carol Selby, Dwayne’s sister-in-law and Cookie’s daughter-in-law, spoke to Oxygen.com about the case.

“It’s the most bizarre thing I’ve ever known of,” said Selby, who married into the family when Dwayne was still a teenager. “My husband can’t even speak of it.”

According to Selby, Dwayne and Jack had lived together for nearly two decades.

“Jack Grimes is Dwayne’s friend,” Selby told Oxygen.com. “Their relationship, we don’t exactly know. But we know they’ve been companions for 18 years.”

Sheriff Regalado also acknowledged the connection between Grimes, Selby, and Parton.

“These three were related. Not only familial but in the horse business,” continued Regalado. “So there’s different things we’re looking for and different leads that we’re following up with at this point in time.”

Carol Selby last heard from her mother-in-law on the day she disappeared.

“She got the call Sunday night (Oct. 24) from the horse trainer Dwayne and Jack always meet up with, and she said, ‘Cookie, Jack and Dwayne never showed up to the horse show,’” said Selby. “She called us around 6:30 the next morning to say Jack and Dwayne were missing. They had 14 horses plus two or three dogs there, and so she was concerned about the animals.”

Selby said she offered her mother-in-law a ride to help find Dwayne and Jack, but Parton was independent.

“She was 80 years old, but she acted 60,” said Selby.

Last Wednesday, the sheriff’s office appealed for information and released surveillance photos of Parton with an unknown man at a local business. Authorities later stated, “The person of interest has been identified, located, and interviewed.”

“He was the ranch hand,” Selby told Oxygen.com. “He lived in the barn and took care of the horses at Jack and Dwayne’s place in Turley.”

A fourth person was reported missing from the area, according to KRMG. Shannon Miller was last seen on Oct. 19. His car was found near Bird Creek on Oct. 21 with his phone still inside. His wallet and other belongings were found near that water. Local outlets, including Fox23, KTUL, and News on 6, have added Miller to the list of missing people who vanished in the area in recent days.

Shannon Miller Fb

Responding to requests from Oxygen.com, the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office said Miller was a member of Cherokee Nation, and that Cherokee Marshals were handling the case.

“He’s not connected to us,” Carol Selby told Oxygen.com, explaining that Jack Grimes could have possibly been acquainted with Miller as a local in town.

Investigators have not officially connected Miller’s disappearance with Parton, Selby, or Grimes.

Carol Selby says hopes answers soon come to light.

“But that hope is diminishing with every day that goes by,” Selby continued. “I’d want to know, 'What would have caused someone to hurt these people?' And bring that person to justice. And what’s Cookie’s involvement in this?” 

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office at 918-596-5600.

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