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Britney Spears Co-Conservator Jodi Montgomery Says She Is Getting Death Threats, Wants Conservatorship To Pay For Security

Jodi Montgomery wants beefed up security at her home and work after stating she's been the target of death threats.

By Gina Tron
Judge Denies Britney Spears' Conservatorship Request

Britney Spears’ co-conservator Jodi Montgomery wants the star's conservatorship to foot the bill for heightened security after allegedly becoming the victim of death threats.

The threats all stem from Spears' appearance in court late last month, in which she called her conservatorship “abusive” and “controlling." The 39-year-old claimed that since the conservatorship was put into place 13 years ago, she has been forced to work and perform against her will while ill, pushed into a mental health facility as punishment for not wanting to do a specific dance move, and forced to take lithium. She said she is not allowed to marry her partner or have another child, claiming her conservators won’t allow her to have her IUD removed. 

As a result of the testimony, fans and fellow celebrities have rushed to publicly support the star. Others have seemingly harassed those they deem partially responsible for the conservatorship remaining in place.

Montgomery filed documents in Los Angeles County Superior Court claiming that there has been "a marked increase in the number and severity of threatening posts" against her since Spears testified, NBC News reports. Such threats include warnings of violence and death, according to her claims.

As a result, Montgomery is now asking for the conservatorship to cover the costs of increased security measures. She wants  24-hour protection until she can make "security improvements" at both her home and workplace.

Each security agent assigned to Montgomery costs $65 an hour, with an estimated cost of $1,820 per 24-hour window, according to the filing. A two-week security detail would cost around $25,480.

Montgomery's attorney wrote in the filing that Spears' father, Jamie Spears, "has no objection to the expense in and of itself, but just does not want to authorize it himself without prior court approval."

Jamie Spears has had most control over the conservatorship since it was put in place in 2008. Conservatorships are typically employed for people who are deemed unable to make key decisions for themselves but Britney, fans and even her own mother claim she can take care of herself just fine. A security detail has been assigned to Montgomery's home since June 30, the day Penny denied Spears' request to have her father removed from the conservatorship.

Britney Spears’ younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears also claimed she was getting death threats last week against both her and her children. She’s come under criticism ever since the testimony, in which Britney said her family has been unsupportive. The younger Spears responded that she’s always supported her big sis.

A representative for Montgomery told Oxygen.com on Thursday that they are not making any statement regarding the death threat claims.

Last week, Montgomery denied some of the claims put forth in Britney’s explosive June testimony.

“Britney’s choice to marry and to start a family [has] never been impacted by the conservatorship while Ms. Montgomery has been conservator of the person,” Jodi Montgomery’s lawyer, LaurieAnn Wright, said in a statement provided to Oxygen.com.

Montgomery temporarily took over the conservatorship in 2019 as Jamie Spears dealt with health problems. Britney asked for both her and the financial company Bessemer Trust to replace her father as overseer of her finances in 2020. Bessemer Trust Company resigned after Penny denied the singer’s request to have her father Jamie Spears removed as a conservator on her estate and for the financial firm to take his place. They stated that they “heard the Conservatee” and respect “her wishes.”