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Crime News

Dominatrix On Trial For Allegedly Luring And Brutally Murdering Ex-Boyfriend In Treehouse

Julia Enright claimed she murdered her ex-boyfriend Brandon Chicklis and dumped his body on the side of the road out of self-defense.

By Jax Miller

The trial continues for a New Hampshire woman accused of luring her ex-boyfriend into a treehouse and brutally murdering him.

Julia Enright, 24, was charged with killing Brandon Chicklis, 20, in 2018, according to the Worcester Telegram. Prosecutors say the phlebotomist lured Brandon into a treehouse outfitted with restraints before stabbing him to death as part of a bloodthirsty sexual fantasy.

Brandon was reported missing after failing to arrive at a relative’s house on June 23, 2018, as stated in a missing person report from New Hampshire State Police.

According to charging documents with the Worcester District Attorney’s Office, Brandon’s vehicle was found six days later in the parking lot of a local supermarket.

On July 10, 2018, his body was found on the side of the highway six miles away.

Brandon Chicklis Pd

Enright initially denied killing Brandon to police but then admitted to the crimes through her attorney during opening statements. She claimed to kill Brandon in self-defense after he sexually assaulted her, according to the Worcester Telegram. On Monday, Enright’s “close” friend, Sandra Olsen, testified that Enright made no mention of a sexual assaultm but told her Brandon left Enright’s Ashburnham residence to buy drugs. Enright told Olsen she heard it was a “drug deal gone wrong.”

Prosecutors, however, say Brandon’s murder was a pre-planned attack to satisfy Enright’s urge to kill.

Attorneys representing Enright warred with the state last month over how much evidence could be presented before a jury. The defense claimed their client’s fascination with bones and blood was unfairly prejudicial, according to the Telegram. Evidence included items found during the State Police’s initial investigation, including vials of blood, a collection of used condoms, and knives found in her home.

Enright ran a side business as a professional dominatrix who collected bone art and allegedly used “knife play” and cutting during sex.

According to the prosecution, Enright’s sadistic tendencies went as far as attempting to bribe Planned Parenthood employees for a fetus she aborted because she wanted to “play with its bones,” according to the Telegram.

Superior Court Judge Daniel Wrenn refused the entry of some evidence into the trial, including a photo of Enright licking blood from a body part, the Telegram reported.

On Monday, Sandra Olsen testified Enright, who she’d known since high school, regularly collected roadkill and kept them in cages around the home. She also testified Enright would wrap the carcasses in tarps to help speed up the decomposition process.

Brandon’s body was found in a blue tarp and garbage bags.

At the end of Olsen’s testimony, a state trooper read an excerpt from Enright’s diary.

“Sometimes, I don’t contact him to see how long he will go before messaging me,” Enright wrote. “It’s great. It’s nearly kismesis.”

While the word "kismesis" is not in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, unofficial definitions online refer to it as an intense hatred for another person.

Brandon Chicklis was described as a “kind young man that was loved,” according to his obituary. He was a member of the Boy Scouts of America for more than a decade and worked for an HVAC company at the time of his death.

The trial is scheduled to resume Tuesday.