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'You Think I'm Playing, Huh?' Man Filmed Loading Gun, Taunting Girlfriend Just Before He Kills Her, Authorities Say

Police suspect that Kevin Dixon's mother hid the pistol he allegedly used to murder his girlfriend, India Mackey.

By Dorian Geiger
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Kevin Dixon sits casually in the front seat of a vehicle, sliding bullets into a magazine — supposedly belonging to a pistol resting on his lap — while he taunts his girlfriend sitting beside him. 

“You think I’m playing, huh?" he tells India Mackey, 20, who’s filming him on her camera phone. “Hit you with this big .45 — hollow tips — going to eat your ass up.”

The 18-year-old proceeds to wipe down the bullets with what appears to be a brown napkin in an apparent attempt to remove his fingerprints. 

“What you recording for?” he asks, shortly before the clip, which spans roughly 30 seconds, ends.

Kevin Dixon 2 Pd

Moments later, Mackey was dead, fatally shot by Dixon, prosecutors said on Thursday. The video — reviewed by Oxygen.com — had been recorded in the midst of a “heated” argument turned deadly, according to prosecutors.

Around 5:30 p.m. on Nov. 19, numerous police units responded to a possible shooting in the residential neighborhood of Warren, about 20 miles northeast of Detroit. Witnesses said they heard people yelling, “Where were you hit?” and observed a white van driving away, according to a criminal complaint obtained by Oxygen.com

Police found the white van about 1.5 miles away after the driver, Dixon, was pulled over for “driving erratically,” officials said. His girlfriend’s body was in the passenger seat. Dixon told police that Mackey had shot herself. The woman didn’t have a pulse, police said, and was pronounced dead shortly after. Dixon was subsequently detained. Investigators found a “multiple drops of blood” in the driveway of the home where the shooting allegedly occurred, according to the complaint.

Kevin Dixon Pd

While in the backseat of a police car, Dixon then allegedly made phone calls on his dead girlfriend’s cell phone, which police confiscated. Investigators later viewed the clip of the woman’s final moments as she recorded her boyfriend loading a handgun. 

“This case is sad and horrific in so many ways,” Eric Smith, Macomb County prosecuting attorney, told Oxygen.com. “[She’s] videoing her boyfriend while he pulls his gun out, pulls bullets out of the magazine, and is wiping his fingerprints off showing her the bullets. ‘This the one that’s going to mess you up,’ essentially is what he said. And I’m sure our poor victim was not thinking these were the last moments of her life.”

Smith said the video — and the phone calls Dixon allegedly made using Mackey’s phone — will be key pieces of evidence once the case comes to trial. He said the recording shows clear premeditation.

“This video is going to help us in our case, no doubt about it,” Smith said. “But I would be much happier if we had a tougher case and she was still alive and just got the heck out of there when this was going on.”

Prosecutors said Dixon also made a series of phone calls to Mackey's friends and family shortly after the shooting unfolded. The woman's mother, told police she received a Facetime call from Dixon at 5:28 p.m., minutes before police responded to the alleged shooting. 

“Ma, she dead! She dead!” Dixon allegedly yelled before she hung up, according to the criminal complaint. The call lasted 35 seconds, police said.

Minutes later, Dixon called another acquaintance of his girlfriend and told her that Mackey “was playing with a gun and it went off, and that he told her to stop playing.” 

Police also allege Dixon used Mackey’s phone to call his mother shortly after the suspected shooting and begged her to retrieve the pistol used to kill Mackey, which he had reportedly dropped in the driveway of his home. 

“She was contacted by the suspect — in this case, her son — to take the gun from where he had concealed it.” Warren Police Department Commissioner Bill Dwyer told Oxygen.com

A witness also told police that, shortly after he heard a gunshot at Dixon’s home and saw a white van speed off, he observed a Chevrolet mid-size vehicle pull up in the driveway and pick up a coat. The driver allegedly switched vehicles with another person driving a Jeep Liberty. The two people, reportedly wearing reflective clothing, then left in different directions, the man told police. 

Detectives suspect the firearm used to kill Mackey was in the jacket — and that it was Dixon’s mother who nabbed the pistol before police could. The gun has not been recovered.

His mother, Nikita Dixon, was arrested at the courthouse while attending his arraignment on Nov. 21. The 42-year-old has been charged with evidence tampering and accessory after the fact in connection to Mackey’s death.

Nikita Dixon Pd

“At no point do we believe that she was aware of or involved in the murder and I certainly understand a mother wanting to help her son, but when we’re talking about homicide the line is drawn, and she’s charged with two pretty serious felonies,” Smith said. 

A woman, believed to be Dixon’s grandmother, told courthouse reporters last week her grandson is “innocent until proven guilty,” according to WJBK.

Smith called Mackey’s killing a “sad,” “horrific,” and “heinous murder.” He said the woman’s death marks the sixth domestic violence-related homicide case in Macomb County in the past two months.

“It’s astonishing to all of us here,” Smith described. “The numbers of homicides, but particularly domestic violence homicides, that have been on the rise ... every one of them ... you hope is the last one.”

Mackey had just turned 20 the day before she was killed, police said. During police interviews, Dixon described her as his “baby.” Authorities were unable to confirm who owned the van Mackey’s body was found in.

Dixon was previously accused of domestic assault, but those charges were dropped in July, according to a court clerk at the 37th District Court of Michigan. It’s unknown if the victim in that case was Mackey. At the time of his most recent arrest, Dixon also had a bench warrant out for a previous misdemeanor traffic violation related to a fine he failed to pay in Genesee County, court clerks there told Oxygen.com.

Dixon, who’s being held without bond, faces life in prison without parole if found guilty on the murder charge. His mother potentially faces up to five years behind bars if she’s convicted of  two felony charges in connection with the slaying. Dixon’s mother is being held on a $100,000 bond. The mother and son have requested public defenders but hadn’t been appointed counsel as of Tuesday afternoon. Their next court appearances are both scheduled for Dec. 5.

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