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Florida Woman Allegedly Rages Over Not Getting McDonald’s Dipping Sauces, Vows To Get Them ‘By Whatever Means Necessary’

Maguire Marie McLaughlin allegedly began making threats after being told that dipping sauces cost 25 cents each.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt
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A Florida woman allegedly flew into a rage after not getting receive free dipping sauces with her McDonald’s ordering, threatening to “rob” the store in order to get the sauces “by whatever means necessary.”

Maguire Marie McLaughlin, 19, was arrested following a heated altercation at a McDonald’s in Vero Beach, Florida, on New Year’s Day, the River County Sheriff’s Office said in an arrest report. Employees called the authorities at around 4 a.m. to report a disturbance involving McLaughlin, who placed a large order at the restaurant’s drive-thru. Law enforcement arrived on the premises to find McLaughlin in an “irate state” and “yelling profanities” over the meal, according to the report.

McLaughlin asked for one flavor of every dipping sauce available after paying for her order, at which point an employee told her that she would have to pay 25 cents per dipping sauce, authorities said. Beverly Keever, the manager at the McDonald’s, told deputies that McLaughlin began shouting at employees, and claimed that she would “rob” the restaurant if she did not get the sauces, the report states. Her alleged threats went even further, saying she would “[get] the sauce by whatever means necessary," according to police.

She "could not specify what she meant by that," the officer wrote.

Maguire Marie Mclaughlin Pd

Keever said that McLaughlin’s conduct disturbed her and the other employees, causing them to fear for their safety, the report states. Authorities also suspected that the woman had been drinking, with the arresting officer noting in the report that they could smell a strong alcoholic odor from her mouth.

“Her eyes were glossy and speech was slurred. McLaughlin would momentarily become cooperative and suddenly begin yelling profanities,” the report continued.

McLaughlin resisted arrest by “locking her legs [and] refusing to walk forward,” prompting deputies to use mechanical restraints to get her inside of the patrol car, the report states.

McLaughlin was booked at Indian River County Jail, according to the sheriff's office.

She was released from custody that same day after posting bond, and is slated to appear in court at the end of January, Fox News reports.

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