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FBI Says QAnon Surfer Dad Believed He Was In ‘The Matrix’ Before Killing Children

Matthew Coleman, who is accused of murdering his infant children with a spear gun, believed “he was Neo,” the main protagonist in the sci-fi blockbuster “The Matrix,” federal agents said.

By Dorian Geiger
La Police Tape G

A California dad accused in the murders of his 2-year-old son and 10-month-old daughter believed he was Neo from “The Matrix,” according to newly filed court records.

Matthew Coleman, 40, a QAnon supporter and fringe conspiracy theorist, become dangerously obsessed with the sci-fi tetralogy before allegedly killing his two children in Mexico last year, federal agents said in court filings obtained by Oxygen.com.

Coleman, who allegedly abducted his two children in August 2021, drove them over the border and fatally shot them with a spear gun, became convinced he was Neo, the film’s protagonist, who is portrayed by actor Keanu Reeves.

While laying in bed in Mexico, shortly before the killings, the California surf dad said he saw “all the pieces being decoded like The Matrix, and that he was Neo." 

“He said visions and signs revealed that his wife, A.C. [Abby Coleman], possessed serpent DNA (M. COLEMAN mentioned that he was not sure if his wife was a shapeshifter) and had passed it onto his children and that all things were pointing to the idea that his children have corrupted DNA that will spread if something is not done about it," the federal affidavit stated.

The newly released court documents were filed last month in support of a federal search warrant.

Coleman, a QAnon convert, had reportedly come to believe a conspiracy that his spouse possessed “serpent DNA” and had passed it on to their children, and that many of their friends and acquaintances were compromised.

"[He] saw the big picture that he had to kill his children to prevent them from becoming an alien species that would release carnage over the Earth," the FBI affidavit stated.

The newly filed court documents — which also revealed Coleman’s fascination with teleportation and time travel — included text messages Coleman sent his wife shortly before his children were murdered.

"Hi babe, miss you too,” Coleman allegedly wrote Abby Coleman on 3:00 a.m. Aug. 9, 2021, just hours before the double murder. “Things have been rough but starting to get some clarity as well. Still confused on a lot of things though and processing through them. So many crazy thoughts going through my head right now, hard to explain," he wrote. 

He added that he was considering burning his grandmother's Bibles "in case theres [sic] a chip in them or something."

She replied asking if their children were OK, and added at 9:24 a.m.: "Everything you’ve believed and known to be true is happening right now. I’m partnering with you from SB. Let’s take back our city. The gateway of revival for the state of California and the nation and the world. You were created to change the course of world history. Take care of my little giant slayer and my the voice of heaven’s dove. They sure are special.”

It was later discovered that the bodies of her children had been found in a ditch at 8:00 a.m. Matthew Coleman was taken into custody at the San Ysidro border crossing around 1:00 p.m.

Matthew Coleman allegedly confessed to murdering his children around 5:00 a.m., saying it was the only way to save the world, according to the court documents.

Coleman was indicted in September 2021 by a federal grand jury on two county of foreign first-degree murder of U.S. nationals, according to court documents obtained by Oxygen.com.

In the weeks and months leading up to his children’s killings, Coleman had become increasingly drawn to a host of online conspiracies, according to a number of people who knew him.

“It was obvious that he was spending a lot of brainpower on it," a childhood friend told PEOPLE.com. "He was constantly checking those sites on his phone. He spent hours each day just glued to his phone looking at that stuff."

Coleman faces the death penalty or life in prison if convicted in his son and daughter’s murder. 

Coleman’s legal team, federal public defenders, Elena Sadowsky, Christy O’Connor and Cuauhtemoc Ortega, didn’t immediately respond to Oxygen.com’s request for comment on Wednesday.